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by pinknocorisu9789:hellokitty.com

Faceless Drummer~

by pinknocorisu9789:hellokitty.com


June 2011

Random Art by me~

by pinknocorisu9789:hellokitty.com

Looking up at the stars..


 Happy 37th Birthday Kitty and Mimi!! <3 <3 I’ve grown up with your cuteness for so many years and I wish you many more years of great happiness and joy for many more generations to come!

by pinknocorisu9789:hellokitty.com

♥kirakira and CalypsoCafe Presents: The World of HKO♥

by pinknocorisu9789:hellokitty.com

Episode 9 Pt. 2


Caly: It looks like the train tracks are the problem kira. We need to fix them!

Kira: Is that all? That’s easy to fix!!

Caly: Really? o.o;


Caly: Silly kira!! Not those kinds of rails. The tracks that a train runs on, we need to fix those!

Kira: Ooh I knew that!  (;´∀`) Let me try this again…


Kira: Look I found the train tracks and now…they’re fixed!! Just like new!

o(゚∇゚*o)(o*゚∇゚)o Can we ride the train now??


Caly: We can’t ride the Sunbright Express just yet. First, we need to collect some copper in order to finish the job!

Kira: (*TДT)人(TДT*)

Back through West Florapolis Valley and across West Dream Land we went till we arrived in East Dreamland, home to one of the pinkest HKO monsters. the furtales!

Kira: Did someone say P-I-N-K?? *:.。. (・ω・`人).☆

Caly: /sweat…umm..I didn’t..hear anything o.o;;


Caly: Yay you found it!! Just make sure you have your Shell Pickaxe that we bought from London  equipped by right clicking it in your inventory, then…


Kira: Whew…that was tiring o_o;…Hey Caly, did you ever notice that I’m always the one doing the dirty work..while you just stand over me watching?

Caly: O.O;;…umm…Hey look kira! PINK!


Kira: \(o^▽^o)/ pinkk!


Caly: Watch out kira! Although these furtales look cute and cuddly, they can hit pretty hard. If you’re not careful, they might send you back to town.

Kira: These little guys wouldn’t hurt a fly!!♥ ♥ ♥


Caly: London is so far to walk…I think…I’ll join kira…


Kira: Aw Caly, you played with the furtales too?

Caly: Hahaha I..did. But that was a great idea kira! We didn’t have to walk all the way back to London thanks to them ^__^

Kira: \(o^▽^o)/ Now that we have all that copper, can we finally go for a ride on the Sunbright Express?



Kira: So now what? How can we ride the train?

Caly: Great Question! By right clicking on the Train Conductor, select the “Train Service” Button.


Then select your destination!!


Kira: Oo OooO Can we go to Paris??

Caly: Oui!! J’adore Paris!! Lets go!!


☆ Note: You can only travel to cities that you have previously visited. For this blog’s purpose, we’re going to pretend that we can go to Paris even though our characters have supposedly never been there! ^__^;; ☆

Off to Paris we go! What new adventure awaits us in the city of love?? Find out in Episode 10 on the Pinkest blog out there! Blog kirakira!


♥kirakira and CalypsoCafe Presents: The World of HKO♥

by pinknocorisu9789:hellokitty.com

Episode 9 Pt. 1

Kira: I’m stuffed from those fries Caly…I don’t think I can walk…@_@

Caly: Same here..Lets take the train to the next town!

Kira: (*゚д゚*) Omg there’s a train?? And we’ve been…walking around this whole time?!

Caly: umm…well we haven’t gone very far   *cough* ^__^;;


 Kira: What’s this? Whoever waters it must need to buy a ton of those tiny watering cans from the farm merchant O_o;


Caly: Silly kira! That’s the Sunbright Express train station here in Florapolis! Lets go in!

Kira:  *:.。. (・ω・`人).☆



Caly: err..What are you doing kira? o.o;


Kira: The red text in my chat box said that players could now board the train, so I got on! (/。・ω・)/

Caly: Silly kira!! This isn’t how you ride the train!…


Kira: What’s wrong Caly? o_o;

Caly: The tracks for the Sunbright  aren’t finished, so we can’t ride the train..T_T


Kira: Lets help the conductor out so we can get the train up and running!! I’m still stuffed…so I don’t think I can walk too far for too long.


Leaving Florapolis, we crossed East Florapolis Valley, home of the  bouncing squeets and jello-y jellyhounds

Kira: They look like squishy blueberry jello blobs…*__* yumm!

Caly: First the chocolate cubed boxpigs..now the blueberry jello jellyhounds? o.o I think you’re still hungry kira! xD

Kira: 。゚(。ノωヽ。)゚。

From there we then crossed West Florapolis Valley, home to the prickley brambles and leafy leaftails and finally arrived in London.


Welcome to London, home to the infamous sleeping Hello Kitty!

Kira: OoOoo Can we go see her?? I bet she’s even cuter when she’s sleeping *o*

Caly: Ha ha not yet! We still have a long way to go before we get her key! But for now, we’ve arrived at the London Sunbright Express! Lets see what we can do…

With their adventure taking them to London and strange new lands, will kirakira and CalypsoCafe be able to fix the Sunbright Express before kira falls asleep from eating all those fries?!  Find out in Part 2 of Episode 9 here at The Daily Cafe!!

Episode 9 Pt 2

♥kirakira and CalypsoCafe Presents: The World of HKO♥

by pinknocorisu9789:hellokitty.com

Episode 8

Kira: First farming..then making our own clothes…THEN an event!!! I’m wiped out….

Caly: It has been a very long day -__-;     We haven’t even eaten yet kira…T_T



Kira: (*゚д゚*)マ..Those boxpigs….still look like chocolate cubes Caly…*drools*

Caly: O_O;; Umm…I have a better idea..



…Lets use some of those potatoes we gathered earlier for Peter Davis and make some Fries!!! Does that sound…better than furry “chocolate cubes” kira?? o.o;


Caly: Yay! Lets get started!!!



At the Food Merchant you can find many ingredients that you need to make yummy food! Unfortunately this isn’t like a super Wal-Mart…you may need to farm some of the major ingredients in these recipes, like the potatoes in the French Fry recipe.

Just like when we made clothes, go to your production window by clicking the correct tab or by pressing [P] then under the “Cooking” tab, find the recipe you are looking for.


Caly: Yay! I found the recipe and we’ve got all our ingredients in our inventory…Time to click “Produce”!!

☆ (Click Produce)



Caly: Yay!! The fries are done!!!

Kira: \(o^▽^o)/ Yaay!! but..Caly..did you know you sparkle when you cook?  *o*

Caly: ahahaha…its just the sweat beads from cooking over a hot….sidewalk o.o;…cough..I mean stove**


With a full belly and stamina points restored, what adventure awaits kirakira and CalypsoCafe next?? Find out in Episode 9 on The Daily Cafe!!

Episode 9

♥kirakira and CalypsoCafe Presents: The World of HKO♥

by pinknocorisu9789:hellokitty.com

Episode 6

Caly: *whew* After all that farming, I feel sweaty and gross…I think we may need some new clothes..

Kira: I think you’re right! Lets go visit Kuririn’s house and see if he has anything for us to wear.


Kira: boo….we have to make our own clothes now too? ;o; ……I mean…


 Kira: Yaay! Thats so cool….*ahem*


Caly: Hahaha Kira, we finally get to work on our tailoring skills and learn how to make our own clothes!!


Caly: Same here! I’m tired of looking like a walking lime with…cotton candy purple hair ^_~


Kira: Whats the matter?


Caly: In order to make a starter tee and shorts, we need to collect some materials that we can only get from fighting monsters T_T



Yaay! kirakira to the rescue! and off we went to get us some new clothes!


But as we were walking..a scarecrow gave us a devilish smile T_T…was this a bad sign?


Kira: I think they call this place South Dream Land, home of the cute square piggies and scary bees ;o;

Caly: OoOo..the boxpigs and pinbees? i think we need to collect comfort and frills from these guys.


Yaay we found the boxpigs! (My favorite name to call these guys by is..BaconBits *__*)


Caly: You’re a natural Kira!!


Kira: They look like chocolate cubes *__*

Caly: uh oh….someone is hungry O_O;;

★ Lots and lots of boxpig comfort later ★


Caly: Oh no..a giant bee!! x_X

Kira: Ruuun! (*゚д゚*)マ


 Caly: Omg kira!! Are you alright?!

Kira: (*゚д゚*) He had a giant stinger and..


Caly: well…



Kira: …This one gave me honey!!

Now that we had all of our materials, we could finally make some new clothes!! By going to the production screen or pressing [P], the production window pops up and by clicking on the tailoring tab, we can choose what we wanted to make!

Caly: Lets see..we have the frills, the comfort…the thread..the cloth..the needles…I think we’re ready to go!!

Kira: \(o^▽^o)/


☆ Special note:…


…These do not represent the actual starter tees and shorts that you can actually make…me and kira…were just too lazy to make the actual ones xD…☆

With Caly and kira’s new clothes…

Kira:20100706161338.jpg….oops sorry! Were you talking still?..(;´∀`) please continue~

*Ahem*…With Caly and Kira’s new…less green and unfortunately not pink clothes, what adventure awaits them next?! Find out in episode 7 on kirakira’s super pink blog!!

Episode 7

♥kirakira and CalypsoCafe Presents: The World of HKO♥

by pinknocorisu9789:hellokitty.com

Episode 4


Caly: Did you hear that Kira??

Kira: Hey look Caly, there’s Red text on our screen!


Caly: Oh heey! That event we saw people waiting for earlier is happening here in the Harbour at 11!! Should we join?

Kira: Of course! but…we still have an hour..what should we do till then? o_o;

Caly: Well we could…collect slimey fish again..or…we can stand in this awesome pose?? 8D


 ~Half an hour later~


 Caly: Did you hear that again? o.o;


Kira: Look, more red text! It looks like there’s 30 mins more till the event…but..


 Caly: Hmm, How do we register for this GM Event? According to the Flashy Red text, we should PM this GM-Dewberry person.

*PMs GM-Dewberry*


Caly: Those *dings* always scare me…..I wonder what it’s about this time..


It looks like the event is about to start!! We couldn’t wait to see what type of event it would be…but there was a slight problem…


Caly: uhh…kira? Where is this Crystal Mountain that he’s talking about?


Caly: This isn’t a good sign!! >_<; Let’s look at the map and see if we can find it..


Kira: oOOoooO Look Caly! North on the map, past the kitty lake and tuxedo Sam’s house, it looks like there’s a mountain made of crystals! That has to be it!

☆ And so we walked…past Usahana’s house, North of the kitty lake, directly past the forest of giant colorful flowers☆


Kira: *whispers* This has got to be the place Caly! everyone is here, and there’s that GM-Dewberry guy over there in purple..

Caly: Let’s check to make sure!



Kira: \(o^▽^o)/

We made it!! and with…25 minutes to spare! xD


-__-;; Those *dings* never get old…they always make my heart race when i hear it.


In the last 5 minutes, the rest of the participants arrived at the base of Sanrio Harbour’s crystal mountain.  We were finally going to learn tonight’s special event!!

Caly: Think it might be anagram scramble Kira?

Kira: 5 bucks says it’s Monster Hunter..

To our surprise, we found out it was a completely new event!

The GM event for the Friday Night Madness was called “Pet for Bet.” According to GM-Dewberry, this wasn’t the usual Pet Hunt we were accustomed to for most Friday night events. We weren’t going to hunt for any monsters, but it would be more like a guessing game. The object of the event was to guess the owner of a pet by simply going to its location. There were 3 markers on the map, the left part of the map by Usahana,the center by Panya, and the right part of the map by Wanwa.


At these 3 locations, there were big red dinosaurs called Pyrodons with invisible owners. As an example, if GM-Dewberry said “Locate GM-Pomelo’s Pyro,” when he gives the signal GO, everyone would rush to the specific marker where we think GM-Pomelo’s Pyro is. When we’ve all finalized our decisions on where we think the GM’s pyro is, the owner would appear to validate our guess. If you made the wrong guess, then you were eliminated.

(Meaning you got to sit comfortably beneath the crystal mountain, watching the other players who got the answer correct in the first round run around on your Area map in the next round ^__~..it’s quite entertaining!)

Kira: Sounds like an interesting game, but…what are the prizes?? *__*


 For the final round of each game, the winners would get cool sets!

Kira: *__* Cool sets?? What kind? (I hope its a bunny outfit!)

Sorry, no bunny outfits this time! Instead the prizes were the Mole Outfit with a choice of headgear (the choices being the Mole Hat, Star Mole Hat, or Reindeer Hat)!! This event’s prizes would give the opportunity for those who missed the Mole Mayhem Event the last chance to get these items.

Kira: Bu..but…what about for those people who don’t win?

Caly: No worries! GM-Dewberry said they would be giving prizes to all the players who were eliminated after each game! (Yummy Hello Kitty Hotcakes to be exact)

For the first round, GM-Dewberry told us to locate GM-Lime’s Pyro!

Caly: I have a good feeling about Wanwa!

Kira: I…think..I’ll stick with Usahana….she’s a lot closer ^_^;



Caly: Darn…Wanwa tricked me! but OoOOoo Congrats to Sabrielle, DanceUnderStars, Savyna, Rini, Sharina, Rikki, kirakira, and SaraJane who all correctly located GM-Lime’s Pyro at Usahana!!!

☆ For round 2, the winners from the previous round had to locate GM-Pomelo’s Pyro☆

Kira: Panya and Wanwa are too far to walk! -__-; I think I’ll stick with  Usahana again!

After GO! was announced, the players scrambled to their chosen markers and the GM’s revealed themselves once more…

☆☆WoooHooo! Congrats to Rikki’s and Kirakira’s laziness to walk farther than Usahana, they were the first winners of the night!!!☆☆

The 2nd and final game went in a similar fashion, I….trusted Wanwa once again to be hiding GM-Avocado’s Pyro only to find a dancing pomelo^__^;;


 Congratulations to AnyaAnya, LittlePrinces, Mikuru, iPanda, and DeevFactor who got to proceed to the next round!

For the final round for Game 2, out of all of the surviving participants who had to guess which was GM-Lime’s Pet, iPanda was the lone winner who walked all the up to Wanwa!!

Caly: I knew i had a good feeling about Wanwa…Congrats to iPanda!!!

Kira: Congrats to all the winners!! ☆-(ノ。・ω・)八(。・ω・。)八(・ω・。)ノ☆-(ノ。・ω・)八(。・ω・。)八(・ω・。)ノ☆

And with that, the GM-Event was over!


Caly: OMG kira!!! What happened to you?!


Kira: First..I just had this black mole on my face (), but now it seems as though I have transformed into a real mole!! (*゚д゚*)

With Caly’s trust fading in Wanwa and kirakira’s new mole-y appearance, what will our next adventure be? Find out in Episode 5 on the Pinkest blog out there!! Channel kirakira blog!

Episode 5 Pt 1

Episode 5 Pt 2

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