Today is the 2nd day of my new job. Had thought of getting a nice journal and write down the interesting events of my everyday life, but then….don’t know if I had time to write it down cos I would be spending more time playing facebook and checking mails on my laptop. Haha….how can I forget my multiply….this is my journal already….

Well, will try to update here as often as possible.

As I said, today is my 2nd day at my new workplace, erm….nothing much actually. Cos it’s also the school holiday period, don’t have alot of lessons at the primary schools. Yesterday sat in a few lessons to get to know the children of the class that I’ll be taking over and to see how my colleague does their lessons. If you don’t know, basically I’m doing tuition for special needs and those with learning difficulties in esp their English and Math. Usually they are in the mainstream school and had only mild special needs, such as mild ADHD, Autism, Cerebal Palsy, Dsylexia, Dsycalculia, etc. They are those who need more attention and help to understand their school syllabus and catch up with the rest.

There’s also another program that we do “KidsBright” which consist of brain gym, mental exercises and nutrition to help those children to better cope with their studies. It’s more holistic approach to help to stimulate their brains so that it’ll help in them cognitively. It is a joint effort with the parents as they have training once in 3 months to show them what they are suppose to do with their child at home.

Ok, enough of those. So, what I did today at work was NOTHING. Yah, nothing for me to do! Haha….first time at work I can have nothing to do. Haiyah, the colleague that I’m taking over is on leave today and another colleague had no class except one at 530pm. So, I just read up the materials given to me….the ADHD info book, and the primary school math syllabus contents. Read until I fall asleep, esp after lunch time. Just before the 530pm session, I was so bored that I kept going to top up my water bottle, go toilet, flip through newspapers and walk around the centre. My centre is quite small, but our HQ is just beside and is connected.

But I don’t have alot of time also, as my colleague is going for her maternity leave in Jan (hopefully she don’t give birth earlier, if not I die), so I had to learn fast so that I can take over her current students and new classes. Heard when school reopens, they are very busy, as there are quite alot of KidsBright programs in a few primary schools and new ones coming up too. Quite excited about the new ones, as I might be involved in it. Hee…..

Ok lah, that’s all for today. If you want to know more about the organisation that I’m working in, visit the website:
My department is the
Educational Therapy Services

Good night!


I’m in Sanriotown! My newest blog in town…..when will i ever stop creating more blogs and emails………hahaha……that’s me.

Oh well, shall see how it goes, if i have the time to write here too.

Ja, Shindi

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