Tsunko’s Diary For Eva!
for ever and always ~tsunko

i have decided..

to play the guitar.  Badtz refuses since it IS his thing. but can’t this girl help and be his base player? and now mom is mad that i am going to be a dareing devil, (whatever that means..) like Badtz, don’t worry mama! i will still be your little angel! even if it means i have to go against the rules!

*plugs guitar in* hmm.. i wonder how you play it. *turns up volume to 100*

I’ll try playing a song! *sounds really bad and is heard over the neighborhood*

Mama: BADTZ MARU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Badtz: It wasn’t me this time i swear!

woopsy! well i better hide the guitar before she discovers i made the racket o:)

anyway. i heard the froggies have turned into zombies. hehe i will call them frombies! and the Kyorosuke froggy is going to use his powers to save them?

ooh i like a guy with powers! X)

 and why is Mimmy getting all worried over it? if there anyhting like the zombies in Badtz’s PG13 movies, all yea have to do is throw tomato’s, eat garlice, and throw salt at them!

and grab a baseball if it doesn’t work.

and Spottie Dottie’s spots have gone away? how’s that possible! O.o

and Shinelly proclaims she knows who did the spots going away? thingy?

and Leomax girl is going to fix it?

oh gosh i just noticed all my things start with “and” sheesh.

Dear Daniel called Kitty a Zombie? and is now blurting stuff out that happened when he was in his childhood. how old is this guy..?

speaking of daniel, his enemy.. my crush *sniffles*

has gone evil? WHY???

and the “tommy” fellow’s powers have been discovered and is taking classes now.. hm..

well i better be going! see ya later Alligator! no not you Pochi >.<

4 Responses to “i have decided..”

  1. Leomax (ava_the_bee) Says:

    Yeah…I’m tring to fix it…Spottie doesn’t want to use it. I can under stand though…

  2. lilybethflame:hellokitty.com Says:

    Where have you been?! I haven’t seen you since you did those really awesome dance moves with your brother at the ice cream party on Halloweeen. :(

  3. shinelly:kuririnmail.com Says:

    I gotta feeling…
    (Ooh ooh)
    that spottie dottie aint wanna play
    that spottie dont wanna play a part
    That that dalmatian not goin in that magic war…
    (OOhh oooh ooooh)

  4. spottie-dottie:hellokitty.com Says:

    urm.. Shinelly..? why on earth are you singing black eyed peas..?
    tsunko, you should find somehting else. so you don’t steal his thunder..

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