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angel halo

YES! A guy commented on my blog and called me cutie~! *screams* He is cute! and he likes Pink Bear. but she doesn’t like him. (wonder if he likes pink penguins @^@) but she likes a guy named Tommy. Well she use to have feelings for him until they broke up from dating. then he saved her. and i am with Mimmy. i don’t really like that guy. and what kind of name is Tommy? Are we in preschool?? Jeesh~

And i want to go to the sleep over Spottie Dottie is having! I know its only for Lily, but couldn’t i tag along..? *puppy face*  Well anyway…

Well i must be off now.. I want to add Blue to my blog roll! *hearts*

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  1. spottie-dottie:hellokitty.com Says:

    *falls on floor* you like blue..?!!

  2. dear_daniel:kuririnmail.com Says:


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