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He looveeesss meee….

December 2nd, 2010 by pink-penguin:mymelody.com

…I think x3

Yay~ I’m heading to Lily’s party! ^o^

And I have a new crush. His name is Indigo~ ^^

…Even thoughh I have no sane idea what he looks like i know I’ll like him. since every man in this neighborhood is handsome ^^

Sigh, sorry Blue~ My heart doesn’t belong to you anymore. So I guess I won’t hang any mistle toe. But I was ahving second thoughts. Since I was afraid you’d pull Pinky winky under it…

Oh well ^^ I’ll bring it anyway. maybe I could get indigo under it ^.^




October 11th, 2010 by pink-penguin:mymelody.com

*pounds on floor* Mama said I’ll have to wear the same outfit I wore LAST YEAR!!

I was a vampire last year.. But I DON’T WANNA GO AGAIN AS ONE!! *cries* She says “money is tight honey” SHOULD I CARE??

Well, I do have the witch outfit. But that was so passe!!

And I think I’ve grown…A little bit… (No. Not really..)


Badtz gets to get an outfit. but thats because he wants to impress his human lady friend!

He’s gonna dress in a tux (We’re penguins! we don’t need to go out and buy tuxedos. DUH) fix his feathery hair style. and try to be a chick magnet (excuse me while I go upchuck yesterdays fish on a stick..)

Anyway. Remember my last post where I said I’d go visit Blue? <3<3<3

Well it didn’t turn out too well. Let’s just say, hiding on the roof and then randomly appearing wasn’t such a good idea. I wonder if he’s awake yet.. >M<;

On that note. I visited a cafe I never noticed before.

I hope that Cinnamoroll won’t get a tad offended that there is a new cafe here.

I decided I’d visit My melody. she decided she wants to garden..in the fall…

She says there is a specific plant that grows in the fall time and she wants to see if it works.

I guess I’ll help her out :)

Well got to go. I wonder if he little Chip fellow will be walking to My melodys ;) Got to go see! BYE!



Two Months…

August 29th, 2010 by pink-penguin:mymelody.com

I’m such a busy bird -_-;


Not much has happened, has it? It’s almost like SanrioTown was covered with a blanket of mist of sleeping time.

My beloved Blue. I haven’t seen him in ages!! I think I’m going to give him a surprise visit :3 I hope I won’t scare him @^@;

Lily’s birthday was missed D: So was Spottie Dottie’s b-day.

I think I’ll try to make them something or buy something..(If I have the cash)

Er, or I’ll spend my money and get a new-do at Pink’s mom’s Salon.

Hey guys!

June 4th, 2010 by pink-penguin:mymelody.com

It’s me Tsunko! Wow I haven’t posted how my birthday was..2 MONTHS AGO??

Wow heh.

Time flies… Well, penguins don’t sadly :*(


My birthday was ooooober awesomeness!!!

All my guests came (even cutepichu i had sent an invitation later on)

The gifts were very cool! I’m going to be one of the coolest penguins in Sanrio!

Well I got to go D:

I have to go walk little mister Pochi..

POCHI WALK TIME!! *Pochi wags tail*



581196axo4p8a6cx.gif I think she looks like me ^o^

Bonjour my sanriotown fellowers

March 31st, 2010 by pink-penguin:mymelody.com

oh well if thats not a word. well I’m here to say. Tsunko Maru is back! and ready for a whole new month to blog! and guess what?~ MY BIRTHDAY IS IN 2! 2! 2! 2! days! FRIDAY!! and Friday is always fish pizza night! and this night i will get the largest piece! usually. when it’s Friday. Badtz and I fight over the largest piece and that piece has well, more pizza duh.. and the most fish. so usually it’s me and badtz fighting over it. and then the Badtz twins come and steal it. and split it in half.

unlike my brother who is a huge hog!!! (part pig part penguin. P.P.P.P hehe)

he doesn’t like sharing. like one time, mama said we could go get a donut.

but it was a new person who opened there own donut shop (why didn’t we get CINNAMONROLLS from Cafe CINNAMON!?!?) and the young girl though Badtz was super cute (I can understand how older girls minds work. it’s mostly mush when they see someone they think is cute.. wait that happens to me too! ^o^) and she gave him a donut. AND NOT ONE FOR ME!?

so I told Badtz, to share. and he didn’t. so i decided to tell Mama when we got home. and wouldn’t he get a ear full. or either a spanking for being selfish!

but he ate it. (faster than you could blink TWICE!) then he just fell over. and then i looked at the bag and the name for the donut.. PINEAPPLE.

but he came down sick. but hey. that was 2 years ago..

but anyway…

tomorrow is Badtz birthday! he is inviting “his guy friends over”

but the  next day is my birthday. and Mama said i could have my party next week. (NEXT WEEK?? SAY WHAT??) well i guess it’s better then nothing.

i hope to invite all the older girls that I admire~ Like Pink, Lily, Keroleen, Mimmy, Spottie Dottie, and well I admire Shinelly. but i’m not exactly sure if she is older then me..

and soem of her female sky wizard friends.

and UsaBunBun. but where has she wondered off too?

Pochi has been missing. and Pink informed me where he is. he must like it there. because we haven’t fed him anything besides leftovers… well mostly me..

*goes to front door and opens it and yells: POCHI COME ON HOME BOY! YOU CAN EAT BADTZ’ HOMEWORK!*

oh Hi Pochi! ^_^

good boy! *pets*

*badtz yells and opens Tsunko’s bedroom door* *Badtz: COME SET THE DINNER TABLE twerp…*

*Kicks Badtz* *call me that one more time and i will punch you silly!!*

well i must go. in my very peaceful home… tata >_< for now..

my dance went awesomely awesome!

February 4th, 2010 by pink-penguin:mymelody.com

and  now I have my Valentines dance <3~

but Badtz Maru stole my fans i need to dance with! Grr!


Wait till Mama hears!

and my Twin brothers.. uhh don’t get me started… @_@

they have been bugging to use MY computer. because mama won’t let them be on our normal computer because the last time they put a virus on it from Youtube!

now they have to get on with supervision from mama.

and they can’t take it anymore. so they found a loop hole because she said ‘that’ computer not mine.

so now they snuck and stole Badtz Laptop. but you have to enter the password.. maybe i’ll make mine password protected too.

like making it pink-penguin like my username… Yea! *giggles*

draft_lens1500709module3437973photo_masc2.gifah great i have to play basketball with Badtz. but we all    know I’m gonna kick his- OK I’M COMING!!

Author note: It’s true if you leave Youtube up on someones video. you may get a virus. it happened to my Cousin.


December 31st, 2009 by pink-penguin:mymelody.com

grounded on New YEARS??

How unfair!!

now i can’t see the fire works! :(

why couldn’t she ground Badtz?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!!?!?!?!?!

but noez! i am the one who gets in trouble because i didn’t clean my room!

it isn’t that bad… even though we couldn’t find Pochi for a few days..

then i was late for Ballet. Miss Shijii wasn’t happy.. i had to do 50 plea before i could start practicing the New Years Day dance.

*sigh* i snuck onto the computer to tell you about my problem..

wuh oh!!! bye! someones coming…

oh good it’s just Pochi -____-

well better get off don’t wanmt to take any-

i have decided..

December 16th, 2009 by pink-penguin:mymelody.com

to play the guitar.  Badtz refuses since it IS his thing. but can’t this girl help and be his base player? and now mom is mad that i am going to be a dareing devil, (whatever that means..) like Badtz, don’t worry mama! i will still be your little angel! even if it means i have to go against the rules!

*plugs guitar in* hmm.. i wonder how you play it. *turns up volume to 100*

I’ll try playing a song! *sounds really bad and is heard over the neighborhood*

Mama: BADTZ MARU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Badtz: It wasn’t me this time i swear!

woopsy! well i better hide the guitar before she discovers i made the racket o:)

anyway. i heard the froggies have turned into zombies. hehe i will call them frombies! and the Kyorosuke froggy is going to use his powers to save them?

ooh i like a guy with powers! X)

 and why is Mimmy getting all worried over it? if there anyhting like the zombies in Badtz’s PG13 movies, all yea have to do is throw tomato’s, eat garlice, and throw salt at them!

and grab a baseball if it doesn’t work.

and Spottie Dottie’s spots have gone away? how’s that possible! O.o

and Shinelly proclaims she knows who did the spots going away? thingy?

and Leomax girl is going to fix it?

oh gosh i just noticed all my things start with “and” sheesh.

Dear Daniel called Kitty a Zombie? and is now blurting stuff out that happened when he was in his childhood. how old is this guy..?

speaking of daniel, his enemy.. my crush *sniffles*

has gone evil? WHY???

and the “tommy” fellow’s powers have been discovered and is taking classes now.. hm..

well i better be going! see ya later Alligator! no not you Pochi >.<


November 4th, 2009 by pink-penguin:mymelody.com

hmm cocoa is so delicous~

but the bad thing about it… it’s too hot. OUCH!

well anyways~

Why can’t april come? fast? because my birthday is in april! but that will take for evvvvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeer!!!

But. i will be patient


*stares at clock*



^o^ at least a gift day is coming up… CHRISTMAS!

well got to go!



October 31st, 2009 by pink-penguin:mymelody.com


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