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Well here i am bored 2 death practically but hey surprisingly im actually looking forward to school. (i must be delirious cuz i would never say that, or i must be super bored!)  Anyway i still need 2 go school shopping and buy some new shirts. I wanna try dis new look dis year but i still dnt know wat it is its mixed wit skinny jeans and sweat pants sorta. Or im not sure but i have the perfect outfit 4 the first day. But like i said i need 2 buy some cute shirts n i need a hair cut. well hey thanx for stoppin by! LOL! at least 2 who ever is reading dis! well later ppl take care n hope u have a great summer for the little time there is left anyway. :P LATER. ;D

i chat with my friend from mexico and he said that he loved me but now i think he likes my friend. :(  My friend says that he tells her that “he likes talking 2 her.” Lately now when i chat with him online he jst says “hi” and “how are you” and then when i answer him he just says “i have 2 go”. Thats been happening like 4 times already and im getting tired of that. And when i told my friend about that she just said “really well every time i talk to him, we spend a long time chating and everytime i say i have 2 leave he says no don’t go” when she told me that i wanted to cry (sorta) cause its not fair supposebly he loved me…he use to always tell me that…i guess not anymore. The hard thing is that i try to forget about him but… (sigh) … i just can’t.  i hate this.

        Hey everyone i love hello kitty but i also found these cute cartoons! They’re called “Gusanito” and they’re so cute! These cartoons come from mexico but either way they’re still cute! N their comics r also in spanish but they’re hilarious!

Cowco                                                                            Wamba

     cc11.gif                                                    wb22.gif

About: Cowco is the main                        About: She’s so sweet and kind!

character and loves milk!                        And loves stuffed animals!

Wero                                                                        Wippo

wr4.gif                                                         wp.gif 

About: Wero loves hangin                            About: Is a happy little hippo

out at the beach and surfing.                           who loves to hang out with

And LOVES WAMBA!                                    his friends. And LOVES 2 eat!


Im some what happy dat were goin back 2 school cuz i get 2 see all my friends but at the same time i didnt want summer 2 end! o well. there’s less then a month 4 school 2 start n i still have 2 buy my school supplies and of course new school clothes! Hopefully i could all that soon!

COUNT DOWN TILL SCHOOL STARTS (at least 4 me) : 27 days

this is jst a lil picture 2 remind u how some people will have their lockers decorated and organized this year!

gus30.gif                                         Everyone’s ready 4 school!           (especially this guy!)

     The Game and Chris Brown wrote a song on June 25, 2009. It’s about Michael Jackson & how much he will be missed. It’s a great song and its so kewl! They put the song on Youtube the next day. You should really listen 2 it its real pretty. R.I.P. MJ we’ll miss u but we have your music in our hearts!


     HEY everyone u might find my blog’s name familiar. (maybe) but its cause i had one but when i try 2 log into my old one it says that it doesn’t recognize my password or username. So i decided 2 make a new one! Yea i know some people might not care but if u don’t care then why are u reading this. LOL jk! Well later!Take care ppls!


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