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I can’t believe this…

August 5th, 2008 by

…Everyone. Ong ngoai (my grandpa) is really in great pain. I can’t stand seeing him hurt…I don’t want him to die… I’ll be taking time off, so I won’t be checking my mail and replying for a while.

Hikaru Got Turned Down!

July 12th, 2008 by

    How can Haruhi do that to him! Well I knew she would say no, but still! It’s so heartbreaking…I want Haruhi to go out with Hikaru. But Haruhi likes Tamaki. Grrr, this is so not cool. Hikaru didn’t asked Haruhi out on the anime, it’s in the Ouran High School Host Club manga.
*Sigh*…It’s obvious that in the end Haruhi and Tamaki will end up together. Oh well, in my head they will be together. But I am stll gushing when Kaoru kissed Haruhi on the cheek in one of the chapters in the manga =3!


July 11th, 2008 by


Animal Crossing Wild World on the DS has to be one of the best DS games that I have! It’s so much fun, at first when I got it I got kind of addicting to that game. Anything can happen like in everyday life. Like you can get a bee sting, your friends can get sick, you pay for your house, ect.

But they don’t have everything like Animal Crossing on the GameCube. Like AC has an exercise routine one day during spring. And also AC has a 4th of July fireworks. AC:WW doesn’t have any of that, but there are some stuff AC doesn’t have like…well I can’t think of any right now but still. I wish I can get a GameCube so I can get AC, but I don’t think no stores sell AC anymore for the GameCube.

Here’s my stats for AC:WW :

name: phuong

town: texas

house: mansion

5 rooms - regal room, kiddie room, lovely room, cabana room, and space room in all complete sets!

convenience store: Nookington’s

I am on Gold Status, and 6000 points on going to Platinum status!

account: 4,120,000 bells

So yeah those are what I got. For the HRA, I went up to 120,000 points, but I don’t know how I can get any more points. You have to get 150,000 points to get the last model. Grrrr, fustrating. I love the clothes in there too, I like to dress up and everything! I am very close with my friends, and I have 16 of my friend’s picture but I have over 10 friends who moved away from my place D: Anyways, if you want please post up your code so I can add you on my friends list ^_^.

But how do you know your own code to give to your friends so they can visit you on Wi-Fi connection?

50 Dollars?!

July 10th, 2008 by

Yeah, I am so surprised. I can’t believe I spent $50 on just 3 things! But it’s worth it! I went to the Sanrio store in the mall Grapevine Mills. I bought a Kuromi messenger bag that looks soooo awesome! The back of the messenger bag has a skull, and the whole bag has shades of black too. I can’t wait to use it in high school this year x)!

I also bought this Kuromi pencil, it’s thin and sleek. It also has a Kuromi chain connected with the pencil. I bought a Pankunchi pen with 10 different color pens just in one cute, and well fat, pen. It’s soo cool!


Hoorah for Pankunchi! My mom put a budget on me, so I can onyl buy those 3 items. Last time I went there, I went overboard like over $100. But I couldn’t help it, everything was on sale! Well…that wasn’t the only time I spend that kind of money…xP.


Top 10 Favorite A&M

July 8th, 2008 by

Here’s my top ten favorite anime and manga:

1. naruto

2. ouran high school host club

3. kekkaishi

4. prince of tennis

5. claymore

6. trinity blood

7. rurouni kenshin

8. inuyasha

9. bleach

10. fullmetal alchemist

I absolutely love all of these anime! But some of these, I like the manga better than the anime. Like Ouran High School Host Club and Kekkaishi. I wish the anime for those could have gotten longer but now only that mangas go on. I am so glad Naruto is still making episodes, but there’s toooo many fillers! Ahhh, Naruto needs to get to the real story already.

it’s time for me to watch naruto shippuden episodes 64-65, see ya ^_^!

There’s No Metal…

July 7th, 2008 by

Do you want to know why I am so happy today? Can you guess why with the title? I went to the orthodontist today, and took off my braces! I am sooo happy! Yes, it’s been 1 and a half years since I wear those stinkin’ metal brackets in my mouth! Wohooo rock on :D!

My orthodontist was like, “Do you want to say good-bye to your braces”. And I was like, “Nope, because I won’t miss them”. Lol x). After that, they have to mold my teeth to get my retainer ready. They had like all different kind of flavors to mold your mouth with. My orthodontist told me to choose from the list behind her. There was like chocolate, orange, kiwi, strawberry, and any flavour you can imagine! It was crazy, and surprising.

So yeah, I am going around showing off my purrtty white teeth to my family and cousins. In like 1 and a half hour, Ihave to pick up my retainer. Well I am going to stop here, thanks for reading!

Ahhh, can’t wait to show it off to my friends when school starts. They are going to freak with a face a got to see :O. Lol.

This is Life with Derek~!

July 6th, 2008 by

    Life with Derek has got to be one of top 10 favorite series! It’s so funny, and romantic at some points. Nora (mom of Casey and Lizzy) has a big smile, and her teeth are so white! I am so jealous, since I have like braces..ugh! Anyways, Lizzy is kind of like me, except I am older. Her thing for sports like soccer and learning karate is me. Also I am like Casey when dealing with grades. I have to get straight As, and well if I don’t I can get a breakdown.

I really think that Ashley Leggat (Casey) and Michael Seater (Derek) should go out again. They went out in the first couple months when the series began showing on air. But for some reason they broke up, I guess Ashley or Michael likes somebody else…hmmm. They look like a really good couple, erggg. They need to go out again.

I like how the series are going so far. Recently, Casey broke up with Max which I don’t get at all. And things are getting serious between Derek and Sally. I wonder how everything will turn out. The tension is going every minute.

Ashley is very talented. She’s a dancer! Awesome :D. And I just found out that Michael wears really huge glasses when he’s not on set of Life With Derek :O!


“I love kung fuuuuu!”

July 6th, 2008 by


Kung Fu Panda is an awesome comedy movie! Po, the panda, is just like my 6-year-old cousin Phu. Phu likes Po a lot too. I love Tigeress though, she is pretty cool. And of course, master Shifu, he’s awesome too. It was funny at the end though, when he’s like “I’m not dead fool!” xD. Made me laugh hard! I didn’t know that Jack Black is the voice of Po until I read the credits at the end of the movie. If you haven’t seen the movie yet, you should totally go and watch it. I guaranteed that you will laugh at least so many times xD!

Sniff, sniff…-_-

July 6th, 2008 by

sorry that I didn’t write a post yesterday. we had another party yesterday, and on friday too. so it’s been pretty fun. instead of having those 2 parties at my house, we did it at my grandparents house. because my grandpa’s back hurts a lot and everyone was there to comfort him. we all took pictures with him, and hugged him and everything. but my grandpa was having fun too. eating and talking. practically our whole family was in his house.

my cousin michelle baked 12 cupcakes, and it was all decorated. it was strawberry cupcakes, mmmmm! me and my older and younger cousins, also my brother sat together and talked and played games.

nullbut there was also an accident during the party. my 2 cousins that were 5 and 6 years old were fighting over a basketball just for fun. and then bam! my 5 year old cousin, Bao, pushed my 6 year old cousin, Phu, into the wall. Phu got really bad, and got the basketball and threw it at him like right no his stomach. Bao is like super skinny and Phu is like really fat, like 20 pounds overweight. so yeah you can see how the basketball really hurted Bao, but he didn’t cry though. almost, but he didn’t. Phu was charging after him, then my college cousin stepped in to stop him. then he went to another room to cry. and Bao ran away to another room.

gosh, it was so crazy. we managed to cheer Phu, and have Phu and Bao to apologize to each other. now they are not mad at each other. when all of my college cousins left, it was just me, my 2younger cousins, and my brother. out of boredom, my brother was teaching kung fu just for fun to Bao and Phu. haha it was really funny. Phu pretended he was Po in Kung Fu Panda. and Bao as the Praying Mantis, and my brother as Monkey. they wanted me to be Shifu, the master in Kung Fu Panda.

it was some crazy party, with sadness, madness, craziness, and happiness. it made me so tired the night we went home. phewww. glad it’s over. well thank you for reading, and I hope you all have a great day ^^!

Happy Independence Day!

July 4th, 2008 by

wohooo, it’s the 4th of july!

which means fireworks, picnics, games and more!


left freedom ring!

I can’t wait for all of the big 4th of july sale weekend!

I better get my wallet ready for all of the spending I will be doing xP!

but tomorrow, will be our independence day party instead of today.

since it would be too late, with my mom and her sisters coming home late.

so yeah, for people who are celebrating the 4th of july today, I hope you all had a great time!

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