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I am more awesome than you first think ^.~


Well in about three days I will be in Florida for my honeymoon with my husband which means no contact on here or on HKO itself.  I’m sad I won’t be able to play the game but glad to get some away time with my husband and a real vacation for the first time since 2005 ^.^

)0( <3

Dead guild again

Well, I love playing HKO but I am now realizing why I liked WoW more…there were people to talk to.

I love my guild mates and miss them a lot since it seems people got bored with HKO and tired of the lvl cap of 30.  Every time I log on there seem to be less and less people online…so not only am I wondering if it’s my guild affected or if it’s the whole game of HKO…it stinks to think that less and less people are playing HKO especially since it is fun but it is more fun when there are people to talk to and interact with.


Sadly the lack of human interaction within the game now has made me more and more excited for the Star Wars MMO coming out soon.  Once it comes out I’ll transfer my time to that and forget about HKO because at least on Star Wars I’ll have people to talk to as well as my husband.  Here is hoping more people come back to HKO

)0( <3

I’m back…again ^^;;

Hi everyone, or anyone who still reads this…I’m back…AGAIN XD

I just got back on HKO again and am trying to finish playing and hopefully trying to convince my husband to buy me the premium addition just for kicks.  I’ll be trying to get as far as I can on HKO before the new Star Wars MMORPG comes out and then I’ll be playing that with the hubby (yay being a Sith XD)

But anyways, there really isn’t anything too new with me.  We are looking for a house now and will be going on our honeymoon in two weeks, Disney!!  It is going to be amazing and means I will not be on here for about a week because I’ll be having too much fun in the real world.

I will be writing on here more often now that I’m back in game and will be posting in game pics and writing about life and game.  It also doesn’t hurt that they are increasing the loyalty points you get for blogging and being on the forumes.

Hope to see you all in game soon and hey, if you’re new and need a guild I’ll be on for CinnomonCafe so find me in game and we can talk ^.^

)0( <3

Here are some pictures

So here are a few of the pictures I have from my wedding so far, more to come soon ^.^









And reader I married him!

Ahhh a Bronte quote as the title, so nice.

Anyways, it’s true, my boyfriend of 3 years and I got married on May 1st, 2010!  It was a really beautiful wedding, very 1940’s Great Gatsby inspired.  I’ll post pictures as soon as I have time to.  But yeah, we are excited to start our new chapter in life together ^.^

Other than that, I graduated college and am now a married woman and life is just starting!  I’m still playing HKO whenever I get a chance but not as often as I once did.  I’m trying to get my reading list done since I’ve put off reading a ton of books while in college.  And I have to find a “real” job because retail just isn’t cutting it for me anymore.

)0( <3

Engaged and so much more

So yesterday, my boyfriend woke me up early, we got all bundled up and went to the zoo here in Michigan.  It was so pretty with all the snow and you guys wouldn’t believe how many animals were actually out in it; let alone how pretty the rhinos and giraffes are up close when they are indoors.  But we basically had the whole zoo to ourselves and the volunteers were so nice and chatty with us that it was just so romantic.  So we headed to my favorite exhibit, the “Arctic Ring of Life” (I now call it the ‘Arctic Ring of LOVE’) where the polar bears are and there is this really pretty under water tunnel where you can watch the bears swim ^.^  Well when we were down there, my boyfriend pulls me close to him and gives me this very sweet speech about how I complete him and then gets down on one knee and pulls out a ring.  I was crying because I was so surprised and so happy ^.^ So now I’m engaged and we’re planning the wedding and our lives together as we speak.  It’s awesome <3

And now I had a snow day today from classes so I got to sit at home with my fiancé and he played “Mass Effect” while I got caught up on HKO.  Well I was happy to learn that HKO is doing a V-day event again and that I saved all my extra candy canes and birthday tokens.  I want to get all the items for the event and know for the ones I really want I need 210 happy hearts and already have 102 XD YAYness!  Anyways, I’m excited to participate in the event since last time, when it was an FB only event I couldn’t play because of school ::shrugs:: but I’m back and hopefully will be able to play the whole weekend.  Just got to catch up on my reading for classes and stay on top of my papers.

Alright, enough of this update, I will include pictures of the ring and our wedding when we get them ^.^  Hope you all are doing well.

)0( <3



So the guild I am in “CinnomonCafe” really has a lot of people in it but none of them are EVER ON HKO….it’s kind of lonely and making me wish I would join a new guild…

Just saying it’s really sad…</3

)0( <3

Minor update

Well I wanted to do a serious update but decided against it XD  So I am just going to post some fun pictures for you all to enjoy <3

The girls and Justin

This is a picture from a recent welcome home party we all had for our friend Justin, he is the one in the deer costume.  We all just love him so much ^.^ from l to r (Lauren, Mia, Justin, Erin, Laura and me)

Bradd and I from x-mas 2008

Bradd and I last x-mas, this was our x-mas card picture <3

Gizmo and me

Me and my dog at my parents house last year, he is soooooo cute ^.^

And there you go ^.^ enjoy

)0( <3

School and life

So life has been eating my soul recently.  College has come down with a BANG on top of my head with 5 thesis papers due and a presentation due within the first week of December.  It’s really eating up my HKO time.

I’m stuck at lvl10 in HKO and want to do more and get through the quests and officially join Cinnamon Cafe…but can’t cause I have no time to play with my papers and then real life work.  It’s just annoying.

But other than that, with Thanksgiving coming up, Bradd and I are cooking for his mother and then for my parents the day after Thanksgiving.  So that should be fun and hopefully I’ll make a dreamstudio video of it so you can see the adventure of me cooking a holiday meal ^^;;;  Alright, back to work on my papers and then heading to class.

)0( <3

Guild news

So here is the new everyone.

Astro left Super Cute and started her own guild, which is fine and alright ^.^  Well while she was offline one of her guildmates tried to make her new guild again in OB, it was CafeCinnimon, well since they used that name in CB it wasn’t allowed to be used in OB, so since this guildmate wasn’t around during the Super Cute split she decided to call the guild Super Cute.  Well Astro did not want to steal Sugar_Chan’s guild and since she hasn’t been able to find Sugar in game she asked me for my advice.

I’ve been talking with Sugar through e-mail and asked if she would mind if I took it upon myself to start Super Cute up in OB.  She said that was fine and so I told Astro that and she plans to turn her guild over to me and then restart her guild again.  I am working on paying back the guild cost to Astro and Nevermouse so it will be a fair trade ^.^  If any of you want to help and join Super Cute, find me in game, I always am on between 7-9pm EST to about 10pmEST and friend me and you can help build/payback the guild ^.^


Hope you all are doing well, I’m just getting into class right now and am really excited that I’m so close to graduating college it’s scary XD

)0( <3

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