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It’s been like a almost a week since the bright eyes concert and i still feel like writing about it, because you know? it was totally awesome.
bright eyes is an awesome band, even better live, and Conor…well, he is better live, too.
So now I’ll tell you everything about the concert, and if my stupid camera would have worked, i would have posted some pics too.
It all started when i arrived home from school that afternoon, it was Tuesday 8, the best Tuesday I’ll ever have. I wanted to cross the Mexican border (or however I’m supposed to express that) at 3:00 pm, so i would be in the USA at 4:00 pm or so, that way my sister Connie and I would do something there before heading to the soma, were bright eyes was going to show. But nooo, my OTHER sister had to take the car to her job so we had to wait until she came back to the house until 5:00. that sucked, i was TWO HOURS behind my original plans.
It was like 5:45 pm when we finally arrived to the USA and exactly 6:00 when we got to the soma, the waiting line was already HUGE.
I stood behind some guys that were smoking the hell out of them AND ME! but i kept reminding me why i was there and i begun to think that it was all worth it, and i was soo right.
at 7 pm, they were finally letting people in the building, and my sister and i ran to get as close to the stage as we could, she did that for me since she isn’t much of a fan.
It was about 7:30 when McCarthy trenching opened, I had never heard them, they’re cool.
Then Oakley Hall followed. They were cool too.
Oakley hall got off stage, they were already setting up the instrument for bright eyes, the waiting was sooo…overwhelming? I don’t know, I was desperate, and my sister got tired and she left me, I was by myself.
THEN THE moment came. The lights turned off, everyone yelling, and the visuals on the back screen. Then the recording that appears in the first song of the newest album. the songs called “Clairaudients (Kill Or Be Killed)”, they all appeared on stage dressing in white, and Conor Oberst started to sing and i was surprised because he sings so well!
I don’t remember everything exactly but i think that song was followed by “Make A Plan To Love Me” another awesome song the the X-treme, haha.
then some other song…and then some girl started started to play these drums that looked like bongos (i don’t know anything about music or music instruments), and then the guitars…it was “The Calendar Hung Itself”!!!! My favorite song EVER!!! i started to yell like mad!! and i was jumping and sweaty and so happy!!.
That was followed by another song from the new album…then “The first day of my life”, he changed that song, it sounded really good.
Then more songs from the new album (I haven’t heard much of it yet, so i don’t know all of the names of the songs), then he played some song and everyone was like WTH? then Conor said “that’s actually the introduction for another song” or something and they started playing “Four Winds”, which they played awesomely and then a break.
They came back and played “Gold Mine Gutted” if I’m not mistaken (which i probably am), a few more songs and then “Road to joy”. That was the last song, and the best, everyone was having a blast by that time and when he sang “And no one’s sure how all of this got started
But we’re gonna make them goddamn certain how its gonna end” everyone was raising their arms and shouting, then again when he said “Lets *beep* it up boys, make some noise!” hahaha.
When he finished the song he started to throw flowers to the crowd and even when i was so close to the stage i didn’t catch anything.
By the time it was all over (11:10 pm) my feet hurt like hell, my mouth was dry (because of the yelling and shouting and screaming) and i was hungry, but as i said it was all worth it, my first time with bright eyes was an excellent experience and i left the building running and squealing and giggling just like every other 13-year-old-girl-fan-madly-in-love-with- conor-obert would have had.

Later that night i ate at burger king and won a small milkshake. yay!!!

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