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Pullip and Blythe

by penguinkool97:hellokitty.com

I decided I wanted to make a category dedicated to just dolls on here because I never realized just how many different kind of dolls I like! (。♥‿♥。)

So today’s dollies I’m going to be talking about is Pullip and Blythe. Pullip is a doll brand that was originally created by a South Korean, but it’s Japan owned and I think they’re unconsciously popular in America, as well as Blythe. You just have too look for them because they’re sometimes in the media!


I remember a couple years ago there was a Pullip doll in Hannah Montana, I didn’t know what they were called but thinking back I remember wanting one like hers on the bed stand.


Teen Vogue also featured a Blythe doll to model what taking a selfie looked like, I was actually geeking out about it because that was really cool it was featured in a magazine I read. (´ω`♡%)


So cute!

Minifee Chloe

by penguinkool97:hellokitty.com

I’m dying here. I finally discovered the name to the most adorable and gorgeous dolls I’ve ever seen— Minifee Chloe. ヾ(@゜∇゜@)ノ

I’d truly like to get my hands on one, they look so exquisite and gentle, it would feel like having your own daughter or something– without the daughter having ‘tude or…Breathing? Σ(♡@﹏ @☆)ノ” Anyway, I checked on Ebay, unfortunately I haven’t seen many besides, like, two on sale and they aren’t really that bad of prices, but I want a specific one. (。ヘ°) But, ugh, they’re so pretty, I’m going to start crying .  {{p´Д`q}}


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