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by penguinkool97:hellokitty.com

I’m helping out at a VBS. And it so HAPPENS that a guy likes me and I like him back. Well this one girl that is my “Boss”, is soo angry at me. Because she likes him. So since she’s my “BOSS” she’s gunna be nasty. :\\

Anyway, so, I’m having a great time with my friend Abigail and Taylor. we like yelling, “MAKE PASTA NOT WAR!” And “DON’T USE GUNS, USE LIPGLOSS!” But I can’t stay with them because they’re younger then me and are going there, and I am a worker at VBS. So I had to continue helping with my group. Kindgarteners. *shudder shudder*
After I was done with VBS. I went and hung out with my other friends who were in nursery, Ariel, Elyse, Aspen, and Madison.
And we were talking about “LET’S THROW A SLEEPOVER!!”
And Madison says, “SaraJane can’t come because mom doesn’t know her well.” (Elyse and Madison are sisters)
Ariel left.
So I’m just hurt by what she said and was leaving. When I was around the corner about to open the door, I heard Madison say, “Do you guys like SaraJane? I don’t like her.”
Aspen and Elyse said they loved me.
well I was eavesdropping and someone came in and said “Hi SaraJane!” So I knew my cover was blown. So I went and said to them. “I heard you talking about me.”
And Madison lies and says, “No. We were talking about whether or not you were allergic to cats.”
So, I said no i heard what you said Madison, and Elyse and Aspen are telling me that they like me and hugging me and they didn’t know why she didn’t like me Becuase I was walking out of the room crying. Beucase I’m the kind of girl who wants to be loved by people not hated. T_T.
Madison says it’s because we have nothing in common.And Aspen said ”THAT’S RIGHT! SARA IS BUBBLY AND YOUR BLAND!”
 So, Elyse and Aspen helped me, and we found out we had to many things in common. but I don’t think she likes me still. Anyway, I’m done rambling. but I don’t understand why girls are how they are. -__-

How one(me) spends their time this week.

by penguinkool97:hellokitty.com

It’s simply boring. But still i’m going to make you suffer reading this. 83

1: Helped out at a VBS (I hate kids -.-)

2: scored a boyfriend (Isaac~~~<3)

3:Made a HetOni ‘Dream Selfy’ (Here’s the picture)

The book represence the journal Italy carries around to time travel. The numbers represent one of the rooms. And the gears are from clocks that they must destroy to get back to normal time zones. (Yas, I really do not have a life)

4: Got in trouble (Parents found out about my ‘late night calls’ thing. So now I can only talk on the phone an hour a day. phooey.)


6: Made a new blog.


Yas. I made a new blog. Don’t worry! I will STILL use this blog. (heck. This blog started my LIFE!) so, if you want to visit it, visit by clicking HERE

Don’t ask about the title. It was the first thing to come up with. LOL.

And please comment too~~

I’m quite lonely without people ://

Oh, one more thing:

7: Made 2 new friends. Yay!~



by penguinkool97:hellokitty.com

I don’t know what’s with me, but I just wanna go around huggling whatever I see!

Well my mama and daddy are getting back from their anniversary(I have no idea how to spell). Even though I’m glooming their return. Even though I’m glad I’m done with my older siblings being my ‘babysitters’. Partaaayyy!!~~ ..Heck, I’m glad of their return. I won’t have to water my mom’s flowers or do the dishes! Yaaayyy. And also my mom said she was going to get me a gift while on her vacation. But I know she’s going to use her laaame excuse “Sorry honey, nothing ‘popped out’to me.” and then she goes and flowers my brother with presents. So, this year, I gave her this huuuge list, so that she’ll be certain to at least get me something! :3 (No, I’m not a brat. She promises me something, I’d like my promises kept! If she never told me about getting me a present. I hadn’t even thought about it till she mentioned it!)

Soooo on other news…

Have you ever heard of ‘HetaOni?’


I LOVE THIS GAME!!!! It’s soo good.

Well anyway, of course, It’s Hetalia. It’s based off a game ‘AaOni’.

It’s canon. (OwO;)

Anyway, description:

The series starts off with the Axis Powers and Prussia after a World Conference Meeting, standing in front of a supposedly “haunted” mansion. They decide to go inside and explore. Soon they are interrupted when a plate breaks and Japan goes to investigate, but comes back to find the others have disappeared. After alien attacks and various other strange happenings, the Allies, and Canada, also arrive at the mansion, becoming locked in as well. Characters suddenly disappear and a time paradox is revealed. Eventually other characters, such as South Italy and Belarus, arrive as well.

As the plot goes on, it is revealed that Italy carries a journal around. The journal allows Italy to travel through time. The first time Italy came to the mansion, everyone died. Italy makes it out of the mansion as the only one alive and is meet by the alien, and holding the journal. Italy screams at the alien, telling it that it lost, that it couldn’t catch Italy. Then Italy in tears tells the alien to bring it back in time, so that Italy can correct his mistakes, and so he would be the only one that would die. So again and again, Italy travels back in time, each time after everyone fails to escape safely. Either Italy dies, or everyone dies. Italy is seen to know everything that would happen, and is bitter about the mistakes he had made, and nervous about what he might do wrong again.

As it is later revealed, Italy admits he doesn’t want to die. Everyone comforts Italy by saying “we are friends. Everyone is going to get out alive. We are in this together. ” The nations eventually sign a contract as humans, promising eachother that everyone will live through this. England slowly gets back his magical powers, and starts to transport nations into the past to correct mistakes. America goes back and learns that England overused this magic powers and died which makes America fall into despair. When the present England learns of this, he sets of to kill the alien alone with his powers and ends up blind. Italy says that hes going to look in another room for America’s glasses, which America lost, and the lights start to flicker. Then all goes black and Italy screams. He is found unbreathing, cold, and without any wounds.

Italy somehow ends up in a dark place with two voices telling him to go thier way. When he follows the voice on the right, he ends up outside on a flower field. Then Italy sees Holy Roman Empire.

Aaand… It’s still continuing, it’s just… PART 17 2/2 ISN’T OUT YET!!!!!!

The last part was uploaded 3 months ago.. and one of the parts took like 6 months to upload.. I don’t think I can survive waiting 6 months.. T___T


by penguinkool97:hellokitty.com

Oh my gosh. My best friend found my first love….


I was a 10 year old. (Yas. that’s young.) and I met a guy that just turned 13. his name was Gregory (Name sound so stupid. but so hot xD). And well, we fell in love. He told me since his dad was a pastor he was going to move, and he said he wanted contact with me.

So I thought: Let’s email!

and his mom was telling my mom that we were so adorable with our puppylove. and my mom decided she’d go all nazi and tell me that I can’t ever be with him. And I had his email and she took it from me. I don’t know about him. :\

well a few years later.. I’m church-hopping. And I meet him again. And he recognized me instantly. And that day he was moving out of state. And he told me I came at a perfect time. The church was holding a goodbye party for his family. And he wanted me to sit next to him during lunch. (ah, young love. xD) I told him ok. But, my  mom and dad were being dumb and said that we couldn’t stay. But the pastor of the church kept on insisting we stay. And I look over while my family argues about not staying, I see him waiting with an empty spot. I want to say goodbye so bad. But I couldn’t because then my family left. So, I never got to say goodbye. I feel so bad…

I still think about him…

Well anyway…

I smuggle the phone into my bedroom and talk to my cousin. And she tells me about this guy Gregory. And…It was my Gregory.

But she said he turned into a total jerk.  but one of her friends say that ‘he misses someone from Florida.’



I am so angry. but people can change I guess…


But… I wonder if he remembers me…


I feel like a spinster.


by penguinkool97:hellokitty.com

My crazy-church-lady sister is out to get meee.

Well, my family has no idea about my obsession over anime. whenever my sister gives me the “Anime is trash” talk. I’m just like “Whaaat? I just watch Pokemon…Honest!”. LOL.

But nooo. my family is creepy and watch my every move! The other day I wanted to stay home by myself. (since I’m the baby, my mom doesn’t want me to be home alone. -__-) And I’m pleading, and my sister then says: “Don’t let her stay home alone, she will watch her anime videos.”

My mom turns to me and is all angry and is like “YOU WATCH ANIME?!”

And I just say “No.”

So my mom believes me. lol.

my I went to ask my sister and she’s like “You know what.”

So, either she’s causing trouble, and she has no idea.  Or she knows somethings up. But  she probably doesn’t know the titles of some of them I watch. I don’t know.

I wish my family would accept who I am. They just know, I’m a penguin-holic that goes around going “Nyaaaaan “All day. (My sister came up to me and told me: “NYAAN IS EVIL!!!” oh my gosh. she’s snapped.) Oh! and I like to eat string cheese, and I like pasta. :\

How I act, is how I am on my blog. So when I’m with my family. you can tell I’m boring!

Summer Fever/ And Excersize…

by penguinkool97:hellokitty.com


Well my best friend left for camp(Curse you for leaving me!_!), and she won’t be back till Saturday(2 days away, are 2 days too far.). My mom also decided she’s going to make a ‘chart’ for my life. like…Going onto the treadmill which is in the garage and it’s always 82′F. (That’s actually cool weather…) So I’m fearing the day she finally posts are chart(I’m scared).

Of course I doo excersize, I like jump roping (That didn’t end well when I did it inside the house. :x), I like swimming(Never swim alone! Or never swim with your brother who’s just a mean Pooh Bear!), climbing trees (It’s fun as long as you don’t fall off and break ’ur head open!), And moving my fingers on my keyboard*nod nod*.

But I guess I could lose a few pounds. It’s not fun going to the beach with a belly *poke poke*

(I weigh 130 lbs. And I’m 5′2. That’s unhealthy. T_T) And I don’t eat that much, seriously. This is what I eat:

Breakfast: Fiber Granola Bar, strawberry flavor. No milk.

Lunch: Pasta. (Pasta is so good. =w= Especially with sausages~)

Snack: Grapes, Apples, Banana.

Dinner: Depends on what my parents make.

But seriously… Looking at this chart thingy. I don’t eat that much…Do I?

I guess I do sit alot… And sitting  makes you gain weight.

And I do sleep in till 10:47 P.M… *shrug*

Well anyway, I am going swimming soon with my sister. (Yay! My crazy-church-lady sister! \(^o^)/)

And thinking of excersize, luls at this video:

A Walk Along The Beach…

by penguinkool97:hellokitty.com




by penguinkool97:hellokitty.com

Ummm. Just somethings I’m listening to…

And also it’s in the shape of an Ipod so I couldn’t help it~~ Cx (Ipod–Something I don’t have. -.-)

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