i have made another account,

guess where?

Singapore! muahaha.

i am thinking of naming the blog Sparklelicious. (NO STEALING)

:P and noticed one of my Guildies Skipper (i gave her my old blog) is now blogging. her blog is named Banana Split, :P cute huh? you should check it out :)

i wonder if i can count her as recomended..

and get some stuff :D


I really really want to enter the contest and win the Adventures of hello Kitty and friends DVD i have been drooling over it trying to find videos and things about the show.

SEND IT TO AMERICA!!!!! AT MY HOUSE ****************florida.


wellz i thinks i haz to go. bye!

(i know it’s a child show but i really want to see it XD i saw the music video simple girl and thats when i wanted to see it :P)



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