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11 years of Sanriotown

by penguinkool97:hellokitty.com

WOW! It’s been SOO long since I’ve blogged! To be honest, I really miss blogging that is ACTUAL blogging(not reblogging or reposting!! Creative writing!!!!); especially when it comes to SanrioTown. For the past 9 years I’ve been on mostly Tumblr and other social media platforms, but nothing takes the cake than blogging on SanrioTown. I always find myself coming back here since this platform meant so much to me when I first discovered it way back in 2009. I was 11 years old then; wide eyed and bushy tailed with my only experience of the internet being sites like Neopets and Barbie. I didn’t even get on YouTube aside from what my sister would show me(That all changed in a year or so, though.)!

2010 was a big year for me, that’s when I had gotten into anime and would rewatch Ouran High School Host Club over and over LOL

But it’s now 2020, 10 years have passed and I almost feel like that same little girl who was obsessed with Hello Kitty and stuck at home on the internet with not much of a say on the matter. I’ve been pretty sick lately with a little more extra time, so I’ve been revisiting my old interests, though not much has changed! I’m still a doggy lover, especially with my puppy; her name is Lucy Lu and she’s the sweetest angel baby I’ve ever had. She genuinely is my dream dog and she’s helped me overcome so much of my sadness. I might write a post about her later and post photos of her. :D

I don’t have much to write currently aside from: Hi. I missed SanrioTown.

I plan to start blogging again.

God bless.

Lots of Love,


Hello Kitty x Converse = SAY WHAT?!

by penguinkool97:hellokitty.com

Hello everyone!

It’s been quite some time since I’ve posted on here, but I thought I would update my blog on something I’m SUPER hyped about!

A few days ago, Good Morning America announced a collab between Hello Kitty and Converse! The collection will include clothing, shoes, bags, and more!

I’m SO very excited about this collection, it’s been awhile since a Sanrio collab has caught my eye, and this one really did the trick! Each shoe is unique and their own way and I have to say, Converse and Sanrio really upped the game with these shoes when it came to attention to detail!

I’d also like to point out, that for the past few years, Sanrio collections have been geared towards children, specifically little girls under 10. However, this collection is for ALL ages and genders!

The collection will be released on August 16th!

Thank you for reading!

Lot’s of love,


♡Good Morning~♡

by penguinkool97:hellokitty.com

 It’s the 4th of July today but I’m not doing anything too exciting. I was invited to go to a party with some boys but that isn’t really something I want to do to spend my day… Σ(°△°|||)︴

Instead, I took the opportunity of  sleeping in later than usual since I get the day off from work!~

My parents went out to eat breakfast which left me all alone, so I was a little oni and took my morning meal upstairs with me(hehe, not supposed to).

 so i brought upstairs my unexciting oatmeal in my super cute bowl:


I love Tsum Tsums

ALSO I bought a rose gold Iphone! it will be coming in the mail soon so I’ll make sure to keep you updated on that~ (*゚▽゚*)

Well that’s all for now, I hope you have a great fourth!

♡Rest in Peace Dieter(July 3 2000-June 27 2016)♡

by penguinkool97:hellokitty.com

4b274888-942e-4bb9-b34f-d1c0c21cc375.pngIf anyone knows me and has followed this blog since 2009, You would know about my dog Dieter and how much I would talk about him.

Well, the day has finally come and he’s crossed over the rainbow bridge.

His health declined in 3 days, and no one was prepared. He was suffering so we had to do the only thing we could so he wouldn’t hurt anymore.

He was put down.

My mom video called me and he was laying there, wrapped in a nice warm towel. His eyes were heavy as he was lying on the table. I couldn’t stop crying, but he was able to look at me. He was making eye contact with me. It hurt my heart so much. He knew it was his time and he knew my sorrow and he looked straight at me into my eyes. It was so hard to say goodbye, I told him he was a good boy and I loved him very much.

I feel like I didn’t get to properly say goodbye, although over the weekend we were sprawled out on the grass and I pet his head, he rubbed against my palm and nudged me to keep petting him. I didn’t think about how that would be the last time I would ever get to pet him.

He was my inspiration and helped me aspire to do great things. I’ll always be thankful for Dieter and he’ll remain in my heart forever.

Good night and farewell.

Goodbye may seem forever
Farewell is like the end
But in my heart’s a memory
And there you’ll always be

Bad, Bad Fish….

by penguinkool97:hellokitty.com

I went to the grocery today and went over to seafood, and to my surprise, I saw that the store started carrying sushi! ((((*。_。)_ I was soo excited about it, but I did notice it looked a little weird and ignored it but I shrugged and went to check the price and WHOA, IT WAS ONLY $2.98! I was so excited and went home to eat it as my lunch—


I came down sick and I had to lay down for 3 hours after taking papaya and charcoal to calm my stomach. But ooouuhh my tummy hurts! boohuhu

Kimono Girl

by penguinkool97:hellokitty.com

Cute Purikura Online cute

So I thought that since I’m posting my Halloween costume a week late, I ought to do it in style.

I may or may not have gone overboard. Maybe.  Ahem. But on an important notice my hair was extremely soft that day.


Happy Halloween, Brought to You by My Braces

by penguinkool97:hellokitty.com

Three months ago, I got my braces(they’re pink), yay! But unfortunately random pains have been coming and going with my teethie weethie. I mean,

http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-Hw-4bJRe3RI/UI2vejl_52I/AAAAAAAAQ2g/ycZjZNqR8Oo/s1600/diarioquepica+-+aoki+(53).gifI’m not complaining, my teeth are changing from the awful state they were in before, I used to have an overbite! It wasn’t really that bad per say, but it didn’t go very well with my face, not to mention my bite was supposedly off as well.

But today is Halloween so I’m not really sure how all those sweets and candies are going to be for my teeth. They haven’t been hurting that much, but I’ll have a random tooth feel awful so everything feels awful.

I’m laughing really hard, though. Some dentist offices are paying kids by the pound of how much candy they got. It’s not worth it.

But anyway, happy Hallows Eve!


Pullip and Blythe

by penguinkool97:hellokitty.com

I decided I wanted to make a category dedicated to just dolls on here because I never realized just how many different kind of dolls I like! (。♥‿♥。)

So today’s dollies I’m going to be talking about is Pullip and Blythe. Pullip is a doll brand that was originally created by a South Korean, but it’s Japan owned and I think they’re unconsciously popular in America, as well as Blythe. You just have too look for them because they’re sometimes in the media!


I remember a couple years ago there was a Pullip doll in Hannah Montana, I didn’t know what they were called but thinking back I remember wanting one like hers on the bed stand.


Teen Vogue also featured a Blythe doll to model what taking a selfie looked like, I was actually geeking out about it because that was really cool it was featured in a magazine I read. (´ω`♡%)


So cute!

修道 ヽ(;▽;)ノ

by penguinkool97:hellokitty.com

(learning, studying.)I’m finally going to do it, I’m learning Japanese! I was always so unsure with myself if I could do it, I was always tied down by the fact of fear from my family judging me and fear of judging myself for sounding foolish. But I’ve realized, I have nothing to be scared about. ヽ(;▽;)ノ

I asked my mom about it and she’s perfectly fine with it. I’m very happy that she’s encouraging my dream and what I’m even more happy about is that she’s letting me go on a missions trip to Japan! At least—once I’m graduated from high school. (T∇T)So thankfully, that gives me enough time to finish up high school and take two years of the language, but what makes it better, I get to also take it with a friend of mine! She’s two grades behind me, so she’ll be entering high school next fall and that will be my junior year but I don’t have to wait that long to already start studying, it’s only just when my classes can start.  (・◇・)

The lady I’m going to be taking classes from already gave me a writing book for Japanese. It’s really cute because it’s supposed to be for little kids learning to read and write over in Japan and it has Chip and Dale on it, I’ll take a picture once I have a camera(23 days away…). (_´ω`)

Anyway, kiddies, that’s all for now! I’ll let you in on more details once I have them! Till then, I’ll be saving money and studying for my trip! -(๑☆‿ ☆#)ᕗ Bai bai! ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

Minifee Chloe

by penguinkool97:hellokitty.com

I’m dying here. I finally discovered the name to the most adorable and gorgeous dolls I’ve ever seen— Minifee Chloe. ヾ(@゜∇゜@)ノ

I’d truly like to get my hands on one, they look so exquisite and gentle, it would feel like having your own daughter or something– without the daughter having ‘tude or…Breathing? Σ(♡@﹏ @☆)ノ” Anyway, I checked on Ebay, unfortunately I haven’t seen many besides, like, two on sale and they aren’t really that bad of prices, but I want a specific one. (。ヘ°) But, ugh, they’re so pretty, I’m going to start crying .  {{p´Д`q}}


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