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April 1st, 2009 by peaceadvance:mymelody.com

Guess what’s blooming outside my window~~~? [heart]


That’s right. [star]


A cherry blossom tree!![cherry blossom]

I can’t wait!!! [heartglow]

Because soon, it will be in full bloom.

That will be wonderful…

A bubble tea place I go to often has new lids.[shine]

They’re really pretty~[bow]


Arabian Nights~~~~~[shine]

Bubble tea isn’t very Arabian, is it…? [sweat]

It’s so~~~ flowery.[flower] I really like these.


Mango~~~ [star]

With coconut jellies. [heartheart]


Nate’s top~

He got peach. [music]

A really strong flavour…

Between Nate and I, I really want to fill up my card, there!

Because if I do, I get a free bubble tea.

I love~~~~ bubble tea~ Slush bubble tea is the best. [heartheart]

April begins, today…

I really hope I don’t get tricked. [down]

April starts off with a rainy, rainy day… Just like it should.  [flower]

Happy April, everyone!! [star][music][shine]

Unruly hair day…

March 30th, 2009 by peaceadvance:mymelody.com

I’m working with my bangs, again.

It’s really hard.

I have no idea what to do with this hair of mine… [sweat]

I’m trying to hold them off to a side-crease…


Stay… Stay… [sweat][sweat]

Is this okay??[nervous]


It won’t stay. [down] [down]


The hat goes back on… [sweat]

This is so frustrating!! [nervous][nervous]


It feels really hopeless, what to do with my hair…[down]


What should I do…?

Loved things~

March 29th, 2009 by peaceadvance:mymelody.com

Yesterday, I had one of my faaa~~~~vourite[heart] things from



Strawberries & Creme Frappuccino~ [strawberry][heartheart]

I love it. [heart]

I’m watching my weight, but the man working seemed really enthusiastic and nice! [light]

[music]So I bought one~

He gave me a size too large… [nervous] I think he was new.

…But he seemed so happy.

I couldn’t say anything… [sweat]

I shared it with Natey, because it was too large.

Something else I really love[heartheart]


Happy Love Rabi~[music]

My favourite bag~ Pink stripes, bunny and a strawberry~~[strawberry]


The bunny, close-up. [heartheart]

Isn’t it cute~~~?[star] [shine]


I’m not usually a fan. But~

Britney Spears has a new album, Circus.

…It’s not very new. [down]

But I’m only now getting to listen to it, it’s pretty good!! [star]

I want to dance to a lot of these…

She’s someone who’s really gone through a lot of hard times, I think.

So, since the music’s good, this is a good comeback for her.

Everyone, please support the artist~~ [shine]

I will when I can!


March 29th, 2009 by peaceadvance:mymelody.com

For a while after my Blog Feature, I was on a roll with my updating. [star][shine]


I’m not updating quite so much…

This morning, I made Natey some eggs. I was making sunnyside up eggs~[shine]

But one yolk broke…


Even though it broke, this really~~~~ made me smile!! rainbow [shine]

Smiling is contagious, you know~[music]

Natey went to work out today, so I came with him to be outside, for a while. [sunny]

I couldn’t watch him, because I’m not a member of his gym…

But the window upstairs showed a beautiful view. [flower]


Spring is coming quickly~ [flower]

In the meantime~~ I got some taro~~~ slush!


My favourite~~[heartglow] Tied only with mango.[heartheart]

Matcha is good, too…[sweat]

Outside, there was a nice view, too. [music]


It’s really pretty, here~[flower]

Even though spring is coming, the trees are still bare…


It’s beautiful, here~[shine]

But it’s a lonely city.

Which leaves me feeling

A little blue…


March 22nd, 2009 by peaceadvance:mymelody.com

Are they muffins? [music]

Cupcakes? [music]

Natey and I couldn’t decide.

So they are…



Peanut butter chocolate~[heart]

Because of that sweet flavor, they are cupcakes.

But they have no icing, so they are muffins…

I don’t know…[sweat]

Either way, Natey likes them.

That in itself makes me happy~[heart]

No matter what they are. [shine]


I’ve been snacking on Tamarind candies.[heart]

So good!! [rainbow]

I love them.  [strawberry]


I’m starting to run out of these, though… [down]

Will it stop??

March 20th, 2009 by peaceadvance:mymelody.com

I woke up to it, this morning… [sweat]

A dog next door is barking nonstop. [down][down]

Aaaah!!! Will it ever stop?? [sweat]

It’s been barking for hours

It sounds like it’s stopped.

It just picked up again. [sweat]

The lady next-door is pet-sitting this barking puppy.

But she’s out right now, so the dog is nervous and crazy~[cloud] [cloud]

The doggy must be lonely and scared… I feel sorry for it!

Chrissy used to have separation problems.

And she’d bark, bark and bark… [down]

It’s good she’s been trained out of it… [sweat]

I think I’ll take Chrissy for a walk. [heartheart]

We can go find some peace outside~[shine]

Soon, Natey and I will be taking a vacation[rainbow]

We can’t bring Chrissy with us, I’ll miss her. 

If the pet-sitter next-door leaves her dogs alone all day…

I don’t want Chrissy staying with her. [down]

My bangs grow so quickly…[sweat]

What should I do with them? [strawberry]


I just realised…

March 19th, 2009 by peaceadvance:mymelody.com

The trees are still bare of their leaves.

When spring is finally here, [sakura]

I’m going to really miss winter…

Latenight stroll.

March 19th, 2009 by peaceadvance:mymelody.com

Last night, Natey and were hungry

But it was almost 1 in the morning. [down]

We found out about a place called The Naam that was open 24 hours! [sun]

They had all different kinds of food and the whole restaurant was vegetarian~[heartheart]

I’m vegetarian, did you know? [flower]

While we were waiting for our food, we stood outside with Chrissy. [heart]

We took her for a walk, she was really happy! [music]

There was a nice man outside, he played with Chrissy some, Chrissy made a new friend~[music]

He and his brother were trying to raise enough money to stay at the local hostel. I didn’t have any cash on me… [sweat]

Nate and I were trying to think of dry places they could stay in the meantime, but cops make it really difficult for them to sleep anywhere. It must be really difficult to be homeless…

Even though I think a lot of homeless people could be doing more to help themselves, I think it’s sad that cops try to get rid of them so indiscriminately. They could be in a shelter or in jail, it doesn’t matter to them. They fine homeless people for whatever they can, when they can’t possibly pay the fines they put them away… Isn’t that sad?

I wish them luck, I hope they can stay somewhere, soon. [shine]

The food from The Naam

Was really good! [star]

I don’t cook with tempeh much, so it was a real treat.  [rainbow]

Noodles, veggies and tempeh~

I’m definitely going back!! [heart][shine]

The late night stroll, too

In the neighbourhood here…

Even though it was raining [sweat]

It was really peaceful. [sakura]

A little while.

March 18th, 2009 by peaceadvance:mymelody.com

It’s been a while since I posted, last.

I’m still keeping my promise. I’m going to keep posting more often. [sun]

Not much has happened… [sweat]

I have some pink plaid fabric~ [ribbon]

I love plaid. [heartheart]

And I love pink! [music]

I’m going to design something to make out of it.


What should I make? [nervous]

I might design a jumperskirt…

I will have to wait and see~ [heart]

I want to post…

A few of my favourite things, around the house.[sun][shine]


My Deery-Lou throw. [heart][shine]

I got it at a store that smells strange and plays loud music, so I’m not a very big fan… [down] But if you look around in there, you can find some really cute stuff![shine]

It’s really warm and soft~[music]


Cinnamoroll~ [heartheart]

Also by Sanrio! [heartglow]

He’s a pillow~[music]

He’s kind of hard to lie on because of the cinnamon roll he holds. But he’s soft and adorable, he keeps me company in my room!

Isn’t his smile cute? [shine]

I love Cinnamoroll~[heart]


My Dragon Plushie!![music]

Natey got him for me for Valentine’s Day. [heartheart] [heart]

You can’t see it, but on his left cheek is a kiss mark~[heartglow]

He keeps me company on the couch. [shine]

Thank you, Natey…  [heart]

This is all for now.

Maybe I’ll post more, sometime?[music]

Oh no!

March 15th, 2009 by peaceadvance:mymelody.com

Ah!! [nervous]

I almost forgot!

Happy Pi Day~~ [music]

I wish I still had some of that pie from last night~ [sweat]

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