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Monday, June 1st, 2009

Happy June, everyone. [flower]

I haven’t posted in a long time.

Why is it, anyway?

I’m a really bad blogger, I’m really sorry. [sweat]

But, see…

The reason, it’s that…

I’ve been abducted by aliens~~~~ [rainbow]

And I couldn’t get back to my home planet in a looong~ long time, you see… [shine]

Maybe. [down]

I’ll let you decide, hm~? [heartheart]

Anyway! [heart][music]

Natey and I! [heart]

Are planning![heart]

To move!! [heart]

Sometime soon~[star] I’m really excited.  [music]

It’s a cute place~ [bow]

With a pretty backyard…

I can’t wait. [heart][shine]

But, before we can move…

Natey is going out of town, without me…

It won’t be for long, but this fact gets me down… [down]

I really hate being alone. [sweat]

Especially at night[nervous]

I think I’ll be ok though,

At least, I’ll do my best! [star]

Before I can move to the new place, I have to accept some challenges. [meow]

I’ll be ok.  [heartheart]

First time in a while~

Thursday, May 21st, 2009

Today, Nate and I are having friends over for dinner~~~[music]

It’s the first time in a really long time.

Waiting to go to school, it gets a bit lonely… [sweat]

I made~[heart]

Guess what~[heart]

A carrot cake~~~!! [star][heart]

I’ll post pictures, later.

Totally. [chick][CLOUD]

I’ll post later. It’s nice to have friends over~ [rainbow]

I’ve ignored my blog…

Tuesday, May 12th, 2009

I’m sorry…

After more than a week…

I haven’t updated my blog, not even once… [down]

…Well. [sweat]

My vacation…

Was to Florida! [star] [music]

And it was absolutely beautiful. [heartheart]

And, I took lots of pictures…


I can’t find my phone plug… [nervous]

I’m sorry… [sweat]

Also, and~![star]


Was me and Natey’s~

Two Year~~~~~

Anniversary!!! [bow] [heartheart]

It’s… Still going on today, since it took place over the two days, when we got together?  [nervous]

It’s a long story…  [sweat]

I love Natey so much, it’s already been two years. It doesn’t seem like a long time, and really, it isn’t! But making it this long and celebrating it together makes me really happy [heart]

Happy Anniversary, Natey. [heartheart]

This morning, we found out that Natey’s going to have to do some traveling alone, for a short time.

I’m really going to miss him…[sweat]

I’m upset about it already, even though it won’t be for a while.  [down]


I’ll be okay.  [shine]

I’ll stay home and take care of Chrissy~~![music]

It’s ridiculous that it makes me this upset, isn’t it? [chicken]

Running, running…

Thursday, April 30th, 2009

Running, every which way! [chick][cloud] [home]

So busy, lately…

The beach? [heart]

Parks?  [heart]

Lunch~~~~!! [heart][heartheart]

It’s beautiful here~

All over the world, spring is beautiful. [flower]

I have never loved spring this much before.

I miss home, but it’s great being here!! [star]

So… Have you guessed yet? [flower]


Wednesday, April 29th, 2009

A while ago, I said I was going on vacation~~~[rainbow]

Last Sunday, I got here. [music]

It’s a very beautiful and special place.[star][music]

Can you guess where~?

I’ll give you some hints…

[heart]It’s very bright and hot. [sunny][shine][heart]

[heart]It’s near the ocean. [jellyfish][heart]

[heart]I’m surrounded by something really spiky!![heart]


Can you guess~~?[meow]

I’m tired, now…

Tuesday, April 21st, 2009

Today, I got my hair cut.[music][shine]

It was trimed and thinned~ I can wear my hair down, now!! [up]

I’m really excited, because I was becoming sooo super frustrated with it. [down]

Now, it’s nice and manageable.

I’m really glad I got it done. [heart]

Earlier tonight, Nate and I went to dinner together. [down]

There was a group of loud, rowdy men behind us.

It was reeeeally annoying. [down]

They were yelling a lot and saying vulgar things, but…

I supposed that if I go out to eat I shouldn’t expect quiet, and if I want quiet, I should eat at home.

So I did my best and didn’t let them bother me~ [sweat]


Something hit me in the head coming from their table~[cloud]

I was bothered by this, and when I picked it up to see what hit me…

Half-eaten corn?? [nervous]

It was really, really, super gross!

I picked it up with my hands, not knowing! [nervous]


I didn’t want to handle it myself, so I went to the manager about it.

I don’t like complaining in restaurants, but I didn’t want to do anything wrong by handling it by myself…[sweat]

They even asked for their corn back.  I said,

“If you wanted it, you shouldn’t have thrown it at me!!” [chick]

But by then, the manager had taken it away.

Maybe I’m a bit too harsh, sometimes…  [sweat]

That restaurant is really good, so I’m glad the manager was willing to handle it. They’re really nice, there. [star]

That corn was gross.  [sweat]

They’re everywhere!!

Friday, April 17th, 2009

[heart]Good Morning[heart]

I say that, but…

It’s already quite late. [sweat]

Today is beautiful. [sun] Spring finally came~~[flower][shine]

Lately~ [heartheart][cherry blossom]



Isn’t it beautiful~~~?? [heartglow]

They flutter down in the wind. [music]

Aaall~~~ down the block…


I took Chrissy for a walk.  [music]

I ran a bit~ [chick][cloud]

Tiring… [sweat]



Isn’t it?[heartheart]

My camera made rainbows~~~~[rainbow]

Waiting, waiting…

Thursday, April 9th, 2009

As soon as Nate gets home, I’m leaving home~[home][cloud]

For now, I’m home, snacking on gow gee dumplings. [cat]


I have another chiropractic appointment, today.

Lately, my stomach’s been behaving.[shine]

And my back hurts, less! [star]

After that, Natey and I are going to dinner. [heartheart]

I’m looking forward to it~[rainbow]


I can’t go see Hangry & Angry, this weekend…[down][down]

It’s really sad…


Natey doesn’t feel well to go, so I’ll stay home with him.

I couldn’t leave knowing he’s not feeling well!! [nervous]

That would be really selfish of me…[down]

Feel better, Natey… [heart]

And, because I can’t make it…

I hope Hangry & Angry gets a really good turnout!! [up][up]

I’m going to have a nice weekend at home~ [music]

Update. ☆

Friday, April 3rd, 2009




Nate and I picked some up at the convenience store~

Have you ever had it~~? [music]

It’s hazelnut based,  with cocoa and skim milk~ [shine]

And almonds. [cat]

If you have nut allergies, you shouldn’t have this… [sweat]

But it’s really good~

It tastes just like a Ferrero Rocher. [star] (It’s made by Ferrero. Makes sense…)[sweat]

It goes really well

On those mupcakes I made~~ [heart]

Remember those~? [light]

In a comment menitoning cactus plants~

I like cacti~~!! [music]

When I was really young, a few of my classmates had ‘pet cacti’.

I thought they were scary at the time, so I never had one.  [down]

But they’re so cool…

Cacti provide water for a lot of animals.

We should be thankful to them, for that~[shine]

I like plants, as well~

Shortly after Christmas last year, a flower shop was giving away poinsettias. [flower]

Even though Christmas was over, they were really pretty!

So Nate and I gave them a home~[bow]

They were pretty and deep red, for a while…

But soon, the petals started falling off and it became dry…[down]

“That’s what happens, after a while.”  [down]

I kept watering them, anyway.

And now, they’re green again and growing new leaves~~~ [shine]

Maybe I have a green thumb? [star]


It looks healthy, again~ [music]

With lots of leaves.

I wonder when it will start flowering, again? [flower]

I hope it will…

As always…

Thank you everyone for commenting on my blog. [heart]

I’m always really grateful to have readers~~

So, again…

Thank you. [heart][shine]

Yesterday was grey all day, but when I came home, it started clearing up~[rainbow]


The sun was shining a golden light on everything~[sun][shine]

Really beautiful~[flower]

I’m excited for spring… [music]


Friday, April 3rd, 2009

How was everyone’s April Fool’s Day~~? [chicken]

I hope no one got tricked too badly! [nervous]

If they did, I hope it was harmless and fun~~~ [heartheart]

The other day~

Nate took me to All You Can Eat at the sushi place near us!! [star][shine]

I was so excited. [music]

Thank you, Natey~~~ [heart]

We went~~~[cloud]


I totally pigged out. [sweat]

But, it was really good!!


Avocado~~  [music]

It was perfect. [star]

Not too soft or too hard.

And really~~~~ yummy. [music]


Tamago~~ [music]

Ah~~ This looks like a lot!![sweat]

Don’t worry, only the bottom row was mine~~[down]

This is my absolute favourite~~[star][shine]

I don’t think there’s a better food.

There isn’t~~[shine]

Not possible~~ [shine]


Yam roll~~[music]

Tempura yam~ With other veggies.[music]

Crunchy and good. [shine]


When you get All You Can Eat, they give you a plate of wasabi like this~[music]

Isn’t it pretty? [heart]


For dessert~

Mango Pudding~~[music]

I think, somehow…

…It’s cute!  [sweat]

I like light desserts like this~

Leaves you feeling good. [shine]

At the end…

I was so stuffed. [sweat][sweat]

“Why do you take so many pictures of your food?” [down]

“Because I looove food~~!!” [sweat]

We headed home, after~

There’s no comfort like home. [home][shine]

Writing about this…

I feel really stuffed, again. [sweat]