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Monday, June 1st, 2009

Happy June, everyone. [flower]

I haven’t posted in a long time.

Why is it, anyway?

I’m a really bad blogger, I’m really sorry. [sweat]

But, see…

The reason, it’s that…

I’ve been abducted by aliens~~~~ [rainbow]

And I couldn’t get back to my home planet in a looong~ long time, you see… [shine]

Maybe. [down]

I’ll let you decide, hm~? [heartheart]

Anyway! [heart][music]

Natey and I! [heart]

Are planning![heart]

To move!! [heart]

Sometime soon~[star] I’m really excited.  [music]

It’s a cute place~ [bow]

With a pretty backyard…

I can’t wait. [heart][shine]

But, before we can move…

Natey is going out of town, without me…

It won’t be for long, but this fact gets me down… [down]

I really hate being alone. [sweat]

Especially at night[nervous]

I think I’ll be ok though,

At least, I’ll do my best! [star]

Before I can move to the new place, I have to accept some challenges. [meow]

I’ll be ok.  [heartheart]