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First time in a while~

Thursday, May 21st, 2009

Today, Nate and I are having friends over for dinner~~~[music]

It’s the first time in a really long time.

Waiting to go to school, it gets a bit lonely… [sweat]

I made~[heart]

Guess what~[heart]

A carrot cake~~~!! [star][heart]

I’ll post pictures, later.

Totally. [chick][CLOUD]

I’ll post later. It’s nice to have friends over~ [rainbow]

I’ve ignored my blog…

Tuesday, May 12th, 2009

I’m sorry…

After more than a week…

I haven’t updated my blog, not even once… [down]

…Well. [sweat]

My vacation…

Was to Florida! [star] [music]

And it was absolutely beautiful. [heartheart]

And, I took lots of pictures…


I can’t find my phone plug… [nervous]

I’m sorry… [sweat]

Also, and~![star]


Was me and Natey’s~

Two Year~~~~~

Anniversary!!! [bow] [heartheart]

It’s… Still going on today, since it took place over the two days, when we got together?  [nervous]

It’s a long story…  [sweat]

I love Natey so much, it’s already been two years. It doesn’t seem like a long time, and really, it isn’t! But making it this long and celebrating it together makes me really happy [heart]

Happy Anniversary, Natey. [heartheart]

This morning, we found out that Natey’s going to have to do some traveling alone, for a short time.

I’m really going to miss him…[sweat]

I’m upset about it already, even though it won’t be for a while.  [down]


I’ll be okay.  [shine]

I’ll stay home and take care of Chrissy~~![music]

It’s ridiculous that it makes me this upset, isn’t it? [chicken]