Lemon. P♡P


Today, I woke up alone at home.

What??[nervous] I thought Nate was here for some reason…
I guess I don’t remember… [sweat]

It’s nice and sunny out, today.[sun] I went for a tiny walk earlier, but then I decided I wanted to come home. I don’t feel like being out much right now, I guess… [sweat]

I’m glad I’m awake, though. I feel like I have so much to do~[rush] I’m trying to make jewelry, but I’m out of ideas lately! What do I do? [nervous]
It’s like “writer’s block”, except for crafting and not writing…[sweat]

I want to show off what I make here, soon.[ribbon]

Recently, I bought Chrissy a stuffed animal. [cat]
Little Chrissy~~[heart] She was feeling sick, so her last stuffed animal got dirty. It was her pillow, too! She had no one to cuddle with while Nate and I were gone…


It’s a giraffe~~![shine] It’s pink. Isn’t it cute~?[music]
I haven’t given it to her yet, to make sure she’s all better and won’t get this one dirty, too.

I hope she likes it. [heart]

Now I need to get back to work…[sweat]

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