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I am so confused… ish

well, I guess I am. I mean, I am happy because I finally got over someone that eu amei for a long time… or so I thought I loved.  I guess I realized it would never work between us, so I let him go, and I feel great. Lately I have been noticing other guys. :p Like this really tall guy .___. His name is Julian. :p I love that name.  But lately I have been going crazy over someone names Luke. o.0 Such a weird name, yeah. ha. I don’t think I love him or anything, hahaha. That would just be silly because we really don’t know eachother. I don’t think he knows of my exsistence either. Or he does but doesn’t think twice of it. We have a class together! D: Well, two. :D I think it’s jsut the infaturation thing or whatever, though. Like the random whisp of… lust? I dunno. Someday I will. haha. I don’t expect much to bud from those two random crushes, but a simple high-school fling will do. Ha, like walking in the hallway hand and hand, standing by each other’s lockers in between classes, stuff like that.  I guess if something budded from that, it would be a bonus. ;) I am moving after school though for college, so I don’t think it will last long.

aww, my poor Cosmo

My mouse died recently. Well, one did. His name was Cosmo. Ma and I called him Kamikazi Cosmo because he was crayzay! and it had a ring to it. Say it out loud some time.
Anyway, we think it was from being too oveweight. We must have taken the wheel from him too many times or something. I tried putting him in a ball though, but he would never want to run in it. I never thought that my Cozzy-poo would die this soon. I am close to tears right now, despite the fact that I only had him for a few months. :/ I’m so blue now. I remember when I first got him… he chased Sophie all over that cage! xD We had to get two cages! Then we ended up connecting them with some serious tubing! It was a mousy metropolis! I remember posting about it some time ago. Jeez, what happened to the weeks. ;___; I need hugs.


Okay, uta-hime means Diva. [courtesy of tickledpinky on DA]

Aieee, I am drawing more ponies. My macbook talks to me! It’s voice is a male one named Alex. :P It is kind of scary too though. >.>
Bwa! I have to wait for my Japan Trip. -sob- I have to go to college first to get some credits and I need more time to save more money. My friend who is going with me said she will wait. Maybe she will go to college with meh!
I gotta fly. xP I will be back later to post again! -pwnage-

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