:D He kinda thought of me! ZOMG!!!! Well, I think I am just over reacting. I mean it is lame when you think about it but let me dream on! Also, some more info that will help later on in the story, we sit next to each other. :) Like not right next to each other, but there is no one between us. And in this story, I will call him Julian.

ANYWAY, yeah. So today we had a quiz on the final chapter for the book we read and well I read it last week so I got four wrong. whatever. So after we finished we had to exchange papers. I had no one to exchange with. Well the teacher noticed that and said “Aurélie, Julian, exchange papers.” =D so yah, he touched my paper. (so dirty. xD ) And well after I got my paper back, all the ones I assumed I got wrong… were wrong. 7/9. ¬__¬ so anyway, we had to pass the papers up. well sure enough, no one in my row, and I am at the back end. He usually has to come back to me to get my paper. Well, instead, Julian reached his hand out to me, for my paper of course. I was in shock. He always seemed like the type to be a complete jerk to me, especially since I am heavy-set… yes, pan pan is fat.  -melts- he thought to take my paper for me. I think I am going to die. It has been on my mind all day… and it happened 4th hour!

I haha, I feel so weird calling him Julian because he doesn’t seem like a Julian… and there is a Julian at my school that I like. > w> I need food. haha, bye bye for naos.

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