At this rate I will be fluent in two weeks

Okay, I am still learning Japanese, right? Well I have been spending most of my day to learning and studying. I know you should only do a little at a time, but I might leave earlier than expected. I don’t know for sure yet. I wanted to be prepared though, you know? Seriously, at the rate I am at now, I am going to be full on fluent in no time >.> I just cram cram cram. I need serious speaking skills though so if anyone can help me with that, please email me.
Jeez, I am so pumped! I plan on moving about 10 minutes away from the Shinjuku station. I doubt I will be able to, but let me dream. [it is 240000 yen for TWO people! X0 expensive, but Tokyo is an expensive place] I found another nice place for way cheaper than that. ^__^ My friend and I are saving up our money now. We don’t have much, but we need enough to last for a few months while we go to ARC. I think I am going to be an English teacher there… :D I really want to be one! -is over excited- Ahh, I can’t wait. I can’t take home life anymore. It is so stressful. I mean for the past week I was fine then the dog like “went” every where RIGHT AFTER we took him outside! OMG I was gonna kill him! X0
inhale…. exhale
Jeez. Well I have Japan to look forward to, ya? Well, break is over. Back to studying some sentence structure, and more vocabulary.

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