Rattling Pane

The thunder is so loud that it is making the windows and the things on the walls rattle. Flashes randomly spew out, lighting up the street as if it were daytime. The wind so fierce that it makes even the thickest of trees bow to the ground. All evening it has been storming, and we had a tornado warning too. The tornado watch stopped at 8:15, but I still think that one can form now. If the sirens go off, I have to get everyone to the basement. Well all have ready pacs that we just have to grab and we are set to go in the basement. My shoes are positioned for easy slip-n-tie so I can run to the parent’s rooms and get them up. They are Chuckie T’s [Converse All-Stars], so it is a little bit harder to get them on. We only have two working Mag-Lites, and the black one is dying. It is like a movie. I locked the doors too - I have an unnatural fear of zombies. >.>

I usually stay up most of the night because I cannot sleep, but tonight I will not sleep. I know that if I go to sleep, I won’t wake up, even if the sirens go off again.
I must go now; I need to conserve battery life on my laptop.

I finished it!

I finished reading Chain Mail, already. It was such a good book though, it makes me want to go out there and do what they did. :] In fact, I have been trying to work on something like it, but it is not working too well. :/ Going to go to the library some time and get some books on that; I am really into that stuff. Of course it will be in English instead of Japanese, seeing as I am better at English. Well, it is 3:22 AM; I have a lot of Japanese to study today. ;__; And I have to get some more lessons up. ;)

Want to learn Japanese, but you just can’t find an easy way? Well then check out my free Japanese course! It is under the “About” page to the right. After you read that, then you can go through my “Japanese Lessons” category. ^___^

Hiragana - 1

I know many people already can read hiragana, but many don’t. Practice never hurt anyone, so I expect all students to participate/ study.
Now this isn’t as up-beat, and I apologize. The rest will be. :]
IF YOUR COMPUTER DOESN’T READ JAPANESE: Email me with my gmail account and I will start posting image versions of the characters so you won’t miss out.

Now we will go over the first five “letters”. That is A, I, U, E, O.
REMEMBER Read the pronunciations out loud: it helps build speaking and listening skills.
So, here we go!

A: Hiragana: あ - Pronunciation: “ah”

I: Hiragana: い - Pronunciation: “ee”

U: Hiragana: う - Pronunciation: “oo”

E: Hiragana: え - Pronunciation: “ei” “a”

O: Hiragana: お - Pronunciation: “oh”

^__^ I know it is not a lot, but I want you to go an practice these like crazy! I am giving you a couple days to study these, then you will get the next set. If you think I am going too slow, I will give you two sets at a time. ;)
We learn these before anything else because if you learn from romaji, it is harder to get into the language.
And I can’t stress this enough: Questions? Email me at kudamono.x[at]gmail.com: you will get a faster response because it is my email on my phone.
Well, I will go work on some later lessons. :3
Happy studying.

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