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SUMMER VACATION IS HERE! And now, I am a senior. I am so scared right now, seriously. I do not want to grow up! I want to be 16 forever and a day. I am afraid to age. Sure I want a family of my own and all, and I want a good career, but I want to be 16 when I do that! :( I like my youth, and I don’t ever want to die :’(
It is life though, and I have to live it out… IN JAPAN! WOOOOOO Now I have to go practice my Kanji.
Peace out, fans of mine.
PS, to the ones who comment me: if you want me to read your blog, just send me the link, okay? I will try to comment too; sometimes my computer won’t let me but I will try! Because you comment me! :]

Peace out, twice.

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