I am so pumped!

I am moving to Japan for sure next year, whether I graduate or not. :) I can’t wait! A friend and I are going, and she is serious about it! We will be going to the ARC Academy there to learn Japanese so we can go to college there, and become naturalized. Finally, another friend who is sick of America! Good bye, Wisconsin! So happy! We go job hunting soon to make enough money. :> If we put in about 100$ each into a bank account every 2 weeks, then we will be set; enough for the schooling AND food… for a month. We need to get jobs there too… Hopefully we could be bus-girls; you don’t need to know a lot of Japanese for that. :3 So happy.
Well, I have to do more research on the guest houses; trying to find the best apartments. If there isn’t any we like, we will stay in a dorm.
Ta ta.

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