• March 2008
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I remember being younger and never wanting to get married, never wanting kids, and wanting to become a super hero (Strange for a little girl I know).
Now that I am a bit older and more mature, I realized that I do want to actually get married and have a life. More than anything, I want a child. That is strange for a 16 year old to say, but I love to take care of my baby sister when I am at my dad and step-mom’s house. Now I am not going to go out there and get pregnant, as that would be crazy… I am just saying that I would love to actually start a life. I think I am mature enough for it already. Will I do it now or soon? No. I want to though. D: eh. I also want to find a shrink that doesn’t cost a lot… I really need some help -_-”
Well, this one is short. I could go on and on, but this is more of a children’s site rather than an all-out blog site. I don’t really go on other sites and post my life or anything… just here :9 Ha, and I don’t even say everything. :3
eh, I need some sleep.

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