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I went to prom last night. Senior prom. It was bland at first, then it was so much fun. I jumped around like a dork, like a jumping bean. My hair was erratic and all over the place, but it was too much fun. I was eyeing the cute foregn exchange boy from Mexico, too. His picture hung up when he first got here isn’t the greatest, but he looks good. ;) I wouldn’t say anything to him, of course. I am the most insecure person when it comes to that. Plus, he will be gone in a month and a half. Unfortunately.

At least he and the other foregn exchange student, Joanne from France, had fun here. America is better than what most put it as. You have to go to the little towns to find the good people.

Today, today.

Today feels funny, In the good way of course. I don’t know why; it’s a dreary day outside, yet my insides are all jumpy.  I  guess tomorrow will be a sunny day? No… I think it’s supposed to snow again.  Nope. Just checked: sunny. Cold, but it will be sunny. Then after that it’ll be warm and sunny. Oh joy the sun! :D

Well, I have to go study. Another short entry.


Dudes it’s been forever. ha.

I haven’t been studying Japanese. All that I knew I forgot. Now, it’s Italian. I seriously can’t stick with one language. :/ WHAT DO I DO!? No. What would MacGyver do? haha.

I’ll probably study both since they are pretty much polar-opposites. That means.. back to Italian!











I take too many breaks. I finally can go on my laptop, again!  The charger was broken and my laptop went down to 1% battery.  Cant do much with a battery that low, eh? haha so yeah.  Ooh, and my iPhone has the new 2.2 software, so I can type Japanese on it now! :D :D

I gotta make a cake later… mandarin orange cake. yummmmmmmmm


So anyway, I am just chillin in my room now. Ooh, mom is finally letting me get a snake! I have to pay for it though, so I am going to buy it with christmas money, and then get two male mice so I have infinate food! MUHUHAHAHAHA! Yes.. I have two females now. Cozzie (Cosmo) and Sofakins (Sophie) died. :’( I loved my Sofa and Kamikazi Cosmo. poop.

Now I have Moomoo and Squeekers. As you can tell, Moomoo looks like a cow, and Squeekers talks. Rad, eh? I want rats… Ooh, soon I will be moving out with a friend for a while. I am going to go to college here for two years, then move off somewhere. I think I might go to LA, or stay here for another two years to get my bachelors at one college, then go off to Japan. ;) My Japanese has improved by a lot. I am still mastering all the verb forms, but I am getting there. My vocabulary went up a little too. :D :D Yay for Pandi.

Well, peace out my readers; I have to do some more studying. :/ Good thing I am in alternative school now, otherwise I wouldn’t be able to study Japanese. :3

Happy Belated Birthday!

Ahh, as most of you know, yesterday was Hello Kitty’s birthday! :D WOO.

If I had the stuff, I would have made a cake in her honor, but I didn’t have milk. :/ or any butter. 

Anyway, I might get a job at McDonalds… might not. I hope I do, because I need to save up some cash. At christmas I get over 100$ so that is good.

Well, my laptop power cord died.  Seriously. I am using my stepdad’s laptop right now, and I don’t really like it that much.  I also use my iPhone, but that can be a pain.

Ha, halloween wasn’t that bad this year. I was a goth angel or whatever it was. Mom bought it the night before. I wanted to get a giant monkey or pikachu costume but that didn’t work out :/ I am going to make one for next year… or a ducky costume. :D I love halloween! Dressing up is fun. :D

Hmm what else… oh yeah, my brother wants to learn Japanese so I am going to help him with that. ooh, I totally forgot about that one thing I started on here… D:

Once my laptop is working again I will start to complete it again… D:

Well, gotta go. :/ I have some stuff to do.


I just want to play San Andreas. hahaha lame.


私はとても忙しいです。。。 D: 学校です。 xD tehe.


I think that the whole world knows that I like Luke. I mean, mom knows, my little bro Larry knows…. Jenn knows, Amy knows, Justin even knows… wtf. I can’t help myself, though! I am crazy for him! He probably doesn’t even think twice of my existence, though.

maybe some more words later

nya nya

ugh, he wasn’t in school today. :/

Anywho, I am on the Florida trip list! :D I don’t think I can go though. I need a job first. :/


:D He kinda thought of me! ZOMG!!!! Well, I think I am just over reacting. I mean it is lame when you think about it but let me dream on! Also, some more info that will help later on in the story, we sit next to each other. :) Like not right next to each other, but there is no one between us. And in this story, I will call him Julian.

ANYWAY, yeah. So today we had a quiz on the final chapter for the book we read and well I read it last week so I got four wrong. whatever. So after we finished we had to exchange papers. I had no one to exchange with. Well the teacher noticed that and said “Aurélie, Julian, exchange papers.” =D so yah, he touched my paper. (so dirty. xD ) And well after I got my paper back, all the ones I assumed I got wrong… were wrong. 7/9. ¬__¬ so anyway, we had to pass the papers up. well sure enough, no one in my row, and I am at the back end. He usually has to come back to me to get my paper. Well, instead, Julian reached his hand out to me, for my paper of course. I was in shock. He always seemed like the type to be a complete jerk to me, especially since I am heavy-set… yes, pan pan is fat.  -melts- he thought to take my paper for me. I think I am going to die. It has been on my mind all day… and it happened 4th hour!

I haha, I feel so weird calling him Julian because he doesn’t seem like a Julian… and there is a Julian at my school that I like. > w> I need food. haha, bye bye for naos.

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