Oriented Games, the exclusive publisher of Hello Kitty Online in Malaysia and Singapore, is proud to bring you the Commercial Launch of Hello Kitty Online very soon! Be the first to play, in the first English Version launch of Hello Kitty Online in the world!

Get ready for the latest content featuring:

  • Cute and beautiful avatars in the all new Item Mall
  • Exciting new Beijing and Paris map
  • New houses for your farm
  • Whole new sets of quest-line

Furthermore, you can now use Gloot points to exchange for HKO Kitty Coins.

So start registering a gloot.net account now and install the game client. Once you’ve activated your game, you will also get hellokitty.com.my or hellokitty.com.sg domain email address absolutely free. Be sure to check out the video tutorials here on how to play the game.

Hello Kitty Online is the official MMOG from Sanrio and it is “FREE TO PLAY”!

With regards,
Gloot.net Team

Dear Hello Kitty Online Players,

Thank you for participating in the Hello Kitty Online Commercial Preview. We would like to take this opportunity to express our gratitude for your continuous support and patience and that we are truly delighted to bring this service to you. Indeed, your enthusiasm for the game is truly infectious and it has been a pleasure having a fantastic group of players!

Our HKO Commercial Preview will be ending on Monday, 31st August 2009 at 11.59PM (+8GMT)

Please note that in-game data such as levels, items, etc. will be erased after the Commercial Preview. However, your current login details and account will remain.

Stay tuned as there will be loads of exciting events not to be missed in the Commercial Launch of Hello Kitty Online.

Be sure to keep yourself updated on HKO news at Gloot.net!

Thank you and see you real soon!

With regards,

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