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Since we’re still in Beta stage, technical issues and bugs may come unexpectedly to… well, bug us. Don’t worry, we’ll be posting all known problems from our side on the official Hello Kitty Online blog to keep everyone in the loop.

In any case, if you encounter any technical issues whether from logging in, connecting to our servers or even as you play HKO, our team can come to the rescue! All you have to do is email us at the official support email: onlinegame@hellokitty.com.

But wait! We’ll do our best to help solve the problems, but you can help speed things up! Here’s the info you can give us that would help us find out what’s really going on:

1. Please describe the problem in as much detail as you can. For instance:

  • The HKO client version (seen on the bottom right corner of the game window)
  • [In-game] Location of your character where the problem occurred (map name; seen on the top right corner of the game window)
  • [In-game] What your character was doing when the problem occurred
  • Type of bug (Graphics, wrong text, user interface, system, etc…)
  • [In-game] If related to an NPC, the name and location of that NPC.

2. Please tell us if you are able to reproduce the problem, meaning, if you can intentionally make it happen more than once.

3. The type of internet or network connection you have, especially if it’s a connection or lag problem.

4. Screenshot(s) of:

  • Your game client window showing the problem or error message.
  • Your Windows Task Manager — yeah, the alt-ctrl-del one. It lists out all the programs running in your PC, so if the problem is actually a conflict between programs, we’ll find out!
  • Basic PC info. You can right click on “My Computer” and then click “Properties”. That will show us the basics like your operating system, RAM, etc.

Whew! We know it’s quite a lot, but the more info you provide us, the faster and the more accurate our response will be! All your emails are important to us, what can we say, we love emails! So enjoy the game, and here’s to a beautiful digital relationship!

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