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Happy Easter Everyone! Celebrate it with your favorite Sanrio characters and friends in SanrioTown and Hello Kitty Online!

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Hello Kitty’s Birthday is just around the corner, and we’ve prepared a special birthday celebration! It’s a weekend full of fun and surprises, and you’ll even get a chance to take part in a special charity event. Mark your calendars, because starting on October 28, we’ll party hard from dusk ‘til dawn, counting down to Hello Kitty’s big day on November 1, 2011!


A Helping Hand for Thailand


Hello Kitty loves presents, but on her birthday, nothing would give her more joy than sharing what she has with those who are in need. As part of Hello Kitty’s birthday celebrations, Sanrio Digital will be hosting a special in-game charity event to help the many children in Thailand who have lost their homes due to incessant flooding in the country. Find out how you can give “A Helping Hand for Thailand”!


Hello Kitty’s Birthday Bash


What’s a birthday without a party? You’re in for an exciting weekend, because we’ll be holding special events every day starting on October 28! Join as many as you can and you can be a part of the grand Tokyo Trip finale! Read all about these fun events, and don’t miss out on the memorable merrymaking!


Join us in greeting our beloved Hello Kitty a happy birthday! Enjoy the festivities, and see you in-game!




The Hello Kitty Online Team

This spring, powerful tornadoes and floods have wrought disaster across the southern USA, destroying the homes and livelihoods of thousands of residents across Alabama, Georgia, Missouri, Mississippi, Arkansas, Virginia and Tennessee. The region now faces floods that could rival the devastating Great Mississippi Flood of 1927, which was the most destructive flood event in the history of the country. Please take a moment and consider donating to the aid organization of your choice. The following is a resource that lists legitimate charities providing disaster relief for this crisis:


Tornado & Flood Recovery: How You Can Help


Thank you for your help and consideration. If we all give a little bit, we can make a difference to the people affected by this disaster.




The Hello Kitty Online Team

The HKO Japan Earthquake Aid charity event is over and the results are in! Thanks to your hard work, HKO and Sanrio Digital will donate USD 1,445 to Save the Children’s cause in Japan. The results and receipt will be uploaded on the HKO Japan Earthquake Aid page after payment is processed.


Although you the players generated hundreds of thousands of items for charity, we felt that the number of submissions was somewhat lower than what we were expecting. We understand that some players may have had difficulty obtaining some of the items while other players felt there wasn’t enough notice about this special charity event.


Fear not! To give everyone an opportunity to help the people affected by this tragic earthquake, we will hold another charity event for Japan.  Keep your eyes peeled in the next couple of days!


Thank you for your efforts and see you in-game!




The Hello Kitty Online Team


Earn 10% bonus Sanrio Cash Points when you purchase an Ultimate Game Card and use it in Hello Kitty Online by January 3, 2011! In addition to free cash points, every Ultimate Game Card you redeem from now until January 3rd will also give you the chance to win great prizes like an Alienware MX11 Laptop, an iPod Touch 8GB and more! Click here to learn more!

Don’t miss out on the chance to win these great prizes - grab an Ultimate Game Card and redeem it now! Happy shopping!

The Hello Kitty Online Team


Sanrio Digital is splashing pink all over this “Black Friday” shopping weekend and the holidays with a special offer! Purchase Hello Kitty Online Premium Edition and enjoy DOUBLE Sanrio Cash Points: that’s $15 $30 worth of cash points! To take advantage of this amazing deal, simply buy a HKO Premium Edition box and redeem the retail code it comes with on the following dates:

  • Thursday, Nov. 25 through Sunday, Nov. 28, 2010 (Thanksgiving Weekend)
  • Wednesday, Dec. 1 through Thursday, Dec. 9, 2010 (Hanukkah)
  • Friday, Dec. 24 through Friday, Dec. 31, 2010 (Christmas and Kwanzaa)

Grab a copy now and enjoy this limited time offer!

Hello Kitty Online Premium Edition is an ideal gift for the holidays. Each cute box includes the following goodies:

  • $15 ($30 if redeemed during this Holiday offer) in Sanrio Cash Points to equip characters with premium in-game virtual items
  • Choice of one out of four exclusive and cute virtual pets to be faithful companions on players’ adventures
  • Hello Kitty Online game client on DVD
  • Full-color 82-page Hello Kitty Online game manual
  • Hello Kitty Online collector’s postcards

For more information regarding this promo, please email us at help@hellokittyonline.com.

We have more great things coming this Holiday Season so stay tuned and come back often!

See you in-game!

The Hello Kitty Online Team

(Updated Patch Schedule) On Thursday, July 29, 2010, at 00:00 EST (12:00 GMT+8), HKO will go off-line for about 4 hours for an update that will allow you to access multiple regions using one game client!

Your game client will automatically update itself when you run it, so you don’t have to do anything. If you haven’t installed the game yet, please head over to our download page and get our new 140MB unified playable installer.

Because the new game client lets you access servers that were previously separated, we had to make some adjustments. The most important thing to remember is that HKO now has Servers based on your preferred region, and on each Server there are Worlds. Your character is restricted to a single server, but can access all the worlds on that server. Play wherever suits you best!

Once you have logged into the game with your SanrioTown email and password, you will see a new server selection screen: choose a Server based on your location and then select a World based on your language (if applicable).

HKO now offers two servers:

International: for all players from all parts of the world (previously was called “Global”). This server offers three different Worlds for players depending on language: English, French, or German. More language options may be added in the future.

US & Canada: for players from USA & Canada (previously was called “North America”). This server has one World for English language players.

NOTE: characters are non-transferable between servers; your character exists only on the server where you created him/her. If you log in to the wrong server you will see the character creation screen instead of your character information. Simply exit and log in to the other server.

If you have any comments or questions, please email us at onlinegame@hellokitty.com. See you in the game!

The Hello Kitty Online Team

The winners of our recent minigame competition HKO Arcade Superstars have just been announced! During the event, players flocked around the Minigame Managers for seven days, competing for the high scores in our 30 new minigames.

The spotlight is now on those who’ve earned the top 3 scores for each minigame. So click on a link below to see the list of Arcade Superstars in each region!

North America
Singapore and Malaysia

Check the announcements for details regarding prizes and rewards.

Congratulations to our Arcade Superstars! This definitely won’t be out last minigame event, so keep practicing and stay tuned for our next event!

Do you know someone who likes Hello Kitty? You can now create and send beautiful Hello Kitty Online gift boxes on Facebook! We’re here to tell you about a cool new functionality we added to Hello Kitty Online: The Introduction.

The Introduction

To start, simply go to HKO: The Introduction. See the big present icon? Click on that to customize your own beautiful gift box, add your personal message, then send it to a friend!

If your friends click on the gift box they will be taken to HKO: The Introduction, where they can play a tutorial for Hello Kitty Online. Remember that HKO: The Introduction is a tutorial that shows you the basics of how to play! This is not the full game, but only an introduction! For the full version of Hello Kitty Online please visit www.hellokittyonline.com.

A bug in Food for Friends 2 allows players to sell some crafted items to NPC merchants for a disproportionately high price. This has allowed some players to generate a lot of money and donation points in a very short time, which is having a dramatic impact on the whole event. Players should understand that this behavior is an exploit and will be treated accordingly.

In order to preserve game balance and negate abuse of this bug, we will make necessary adjustments when calculating the final results of Food for Friends 2.

Thank you for your understanding. Please don’t use exploits!

The Hello Kitty Online Team

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