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Thanks to everyone who participated! It was tough choosing among the entries but we ultimately picked our 5 favorite designs out of the bunch.













Thanks again to everyone who participated! The winners will receive their prizes shortly after. We hope you showed (and keep showing) your mom how much you love her!

See you in-game!




The Hello Kitty Online Team

Hi everyone! Mother’s Day is coming up, and Hello Kitty is making a card for her mom, Mary, to show her how much she loves her. Let’s all come together to celebrate and appreciate our mothers this coming Mother’s Day by making the best greeting card for them!


Make the best Mother’s Day greeting card for your mom, share it with us! Send your card to gmeventblog@hellokitty.com with the following information:


Account name:
In-game name:
Why your mom is the greatest in one sentence:


You can send your card any time from May 11 to May 12 (Deadline is on May 12 at 11:59 p.m. EST). Only one card per participant! We will pick our favorite cards and give the winners 3000 SLP each.


Remember, there’s nothing more comforting than the love of a mother, and there’s no better gift you can give her than showing your love for her.

Hello everyone, it’s that time of the year again! On December 19, 2011, joy and merriment abound in Hello Kitty Online as we celebrate the spirit of love and giving. Lots of giveaways and fun-filled parties will be had in Hello Kitty’s Holiday Blowout! Click here to learn all about it!

 Hello Kitty's Holiday Blowout

Hi everyone!


Hello Kitty’s birthday festivities are now officially over. Many thanks goes to everyone for making our beloved Kitty’s birthday this year a huge success.
Most of all, not only did you guys help make this birthday bash fun, you also made it very special by participating in A Helping Hand for Thailand.


Thanks to your efforts, HKO and Sanrio Digital will donate an amount of US$ 2,606.5 each to UNICEF and Save the Children, for a total donation of US $5,213, to help them in their joint effort to aid the children affected by the floods. The results and a receipt of donation will be posted on the Helping Hand for Thailand page once the payment is processed.


Thanks again to everyone! We hope you guys had tons of fun, because we certainly did!


See you in-game!




The Hello Kitty Online Team

Hi everyone.


The regular maintenance for the HKO datacenter has been completed. Servers are now up, and players can log-in and play the game again. See you in-game!




The Hello Kitty Online Team.

Hi everyone!

November 1 is fast approaching, and Hello Kitty is about to celebrate her 37th birthday! Let’s all have some fun and games and get the chance to visit Tokyo in Hello Kitty’s Birthday Bash: Tokyo Trip. The party starts on October 28, 2011. We’ll be posting more details soon, so make sure to stay tuned!




The Hello Kitty Online Team

Congratulations again to all the winners of the Hunt for the GMs event! As promised, we now present you our first ever featured player article, starring Kirke_nl! Of course, we asked Kirke_nl a bunch of questions about her, and here’s what she has to say!

First, tell us about yourself! Anything! (Please do not include highly sensitive personal information such as your real name, age, address etc.)

I’m a playful, hello kitty-loving girl that loves to talk and help people. I love to bake and cook, make miniature foods out of clay, decorate clothes and hang out with my friends both online and irl. I keep a blog on sanrio town (http://blog.sanriotown.com/kirke_nl:hellokitty.com) where I share my new crafts, share my love for Hello Kitty and introduce my HKO friends.

When did you start playing HKO?

I started playing about 3 years ago I think, I’m not sure when I started exactly. The game was still in open beta then.

How did you find out about HKO?

My beloved found out about it on a game site and told me about it. I downloaded the game immediately.

Of all the games out there, why HKO?

Because I love hello kitty and the other sanrio characters and I love playing games. This seemed like the perfect combination. I soon became addicted to the sweetness and the helpful community on HKO.

What are the three things that you like the most about HKO?

I love how the game looks, it’s such a sweet environment to play in. I love how it’s easy to make new friends in the game and compared to other games the chatting is very player-friendly. And I have so much fun in dressing up my char, trying different outfits, changing hair, face and trying to match everything.

What three things you would like to improve about HKO?

I would like to see more quests and towns added, players are already leaving the game as there is nothing left to do when you reach level 35 (and that doesn’t take long).

More inventory space and more items like clothes, furniture, floors and wall decoration.

What five things would you like to see in HKO in the future? (If you have any dream pets/outfits/places, anything you want to see in HKO in the future, write them here!)

Top of the list is new quests, new towns so hopefully HKO will be a fun place with lots of players again. I would love to see the special seeds added again as they were so much fun to play with, we had so much fun trying to make new combinations and see what we would harvest from them. There are many items ready to be used in-game to decorate our houses and I hope we will get to use them some day, like wallpapers, flooring and (interactive) furniture. I would also like to see more inventory spaces as the available slots we have now is just not enough. Lastly I would like to see something to let the players interact even more so the community will be more involved in the game and the social part of it.

It must be hard looking for the GMs, how did you manage it?

The regular GM’s were not very hard to find as I am online enough to see them all. Lucky the special and unique GM’s announced themselves when they went online and gave us some hints to help us find them. My friends and I would help each other out a bit by sending a pm when we found a GM. I didn’t manage to find all GM’s, as some kept going online when I was sleeping but I got hold of most of them.

Who is your favorite GM so far?

I like all GM’s a lot, each for their own reason and it’s very hard to pick a favorite. I love having chats with them when they have the time for it, and I’m very sad when one of them leaves. GM-Chamomile is always in for a joke, GM-Galatea is a sweet friend, of all the GM’s they are most dear to me.

Anything else you would like to say? A message to our players, your friends, anything!

I just hope HKO will be the game it was in open beta….with a big community of players helping each other, having fun and keeping the game alive.

Hi everyone!

Ready for another GM event? This time, we’re gonna go full blast with a month long event! Get ready for The Hunt for All Game Masters!

To participate in the event, you must take a screenshot of your character with each of the GMs. There are 24 GMs and they are split into several types, namely: regular, unique, and special GMs. Twelve of these GMs will be in the US server while the other 12 will be in the International/French/German servers. Each GM type has a corresponding point value while the each of the prizes has a corresponding point requirement. Find as many GMs as you can to win prizes, or capture all of the GMs and be featured in a player of the month article!


GM Type
Regular = 1 point
Unique = 2 points
Special = 3 points


5000 SLP + Silver Train Ticket = 5 - 10 points
Heart Plushy + Gold Train Ticket + 5000 SLP = 11 - 17 points

Chance to be included on the Featured Players of the Month article, Heart Plushy + Diamond Train Ticket + 5000 SLP = 18 points and higher

Be aware though that the GMs will only appear in different times and some will only stay online for a limited amount of time. The regular GMs will always be around during their regular schedules and the unique GMs will be around one day every week for one hour, while the special GMs will only be online once every two weeks for one hour on each server.


1. When you see a GM, take a screenshot of your character and the GM by pressing F11 TWICE on your keyboard.
2. Each screenshot must be put into your respective blog.
3. At the end of the month Each entry must be sent via email at gmeventblog@hellokitty.com. The email must include the player’s avatar name, server and the link to the blog.

Here is the list of the GMs and where you can find them:

US List
Regular GMs: (1 point each)


Unique GMs: (2 points each)

GM Quincer

Special GMs: (3 points each)


International/French/German List
Regular GMs: (1 point each)


Unique GMs: (2 points each)


Special GMs: (3 points each)



Notes to consider:

1. Be aware that the GMs will only appear in different times and some will only stay online for a limited amount of time.

2. The regular GMs will always be around during their regular schedules and the unique GMs will be around one day every week for one hour, while the special GMs will only be online once every two weeks for one hour on each server.

3. You only have to take a screenshot of each GM once. Multiple screenshots of the same GM will not be counted.

4. You can take a screenshot by pressing F11 on your keyboard twice while in-game. A screenshot will automatically be saved in the screenshot folder found in HKO’s installation folder.

5. Screenshots generated through this method must have a timestamp (see the attached picture). Entries without this stamp will be considered invalid and thus, not counted.

6. All participants can only take screenshots of GMs that are listed in their server group. Screenshots with GMs from a different server group will not be accepted.

Remember! This event runs from June 1, 2011 (EST) to June 30, 2011 23:59 (EST)!

Good luck and see you in-game!

The Hello Kitty Online Team

Hello everyone!
Congratulations to the winners of the “Draw Your Dream Pet” HKO event:


  1. Jeii
  2. 5ana
  3. Meyzinha
  4. Piquina_desu
  5. L0K0
  6. Kirei
  7. Seika
  8. -Akane-
  9. Trompina_chan
  10. Jennie_Love
  11. Tweetums
  12. _Alice_
  13. Lynessa
  14. Wassabi


Thank you very much to all that participated, and congratulations to all our budding artists! We hope to see you again in the next event!

See you in-game!

The special event HKO Japan Earthquake Aid 2 ended this week and we are proud to announce that HKO players once again showed their generosity by creating a staggering amount of over 1.5 million items for charity! Based on your heroic efforts, HKO and Sanrio Digital will donate US$  6,041 to Project KIBOW, which raises funds for the aid initiative Civic Force. These results and a receipt of donation will be uploaded on the HKO Japan Earthquake Aid Part 2 page after payment is processed. Thanks to everyone who donated their time and effort in HKO to assist the Japanese people after one of the worst natural disasters in the nation’s history.

See you in the game!

The Hello Kitty Online Team

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