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Congratulations again to all the winners of the Hunt for the GMs event! As promised, we now present you our first ever featured player article, starring Kirke_nl! Of course, we asked Kirke_nl a bunch of questions about her, and here’s what she has to say!

First, tell us about yourself! Anything! (Please do not include highly sensitive personal information such as your real name, age, address etc.)

I’m a playful, hello kitty-loving girl that loves to talk and help people. I love to bake and cook, make miniature foods out of clay, decorate clothes and hang out with my friends both online and irl. I keep a blog on sanrio town (http://blog.sanriotown.com/kirke_nl:hellokitty.com) where I share my new crafts, share my love for Hello Kitty and introduce my HKO friends.

When did you start playing HKO?

I started playing about 3 years ago I think, I’m not sure when I started exactly. The game was still in open beta then.

How did you find out about HKO?

My beloved found out about it on a game site and told me about it. I downloaded the game immediately.

Of all the games out there, why HKO?

Because I love hello kitty and the other sanrio characters and I love playing games. This seemed like the perfect combination. I soon became addicted to the sweetness and the helpful community on HKO.

What are the three things that you like the most about HKO?

I love how the game looks, it’s such a sweet environment to play in. I love how it’s easy to make new friends in the game and compared to other games the chatting is very player-friendly. And I have so much fun in dressing up my char, trying different outfits, changing hair, face and trying to match everything.

What three things you would like to improve about HKO?

I would like to see more quests and towns added, players are already leaving the game as there is nothing left to do when you reach level 35 (and that doesn’t take long).

More inventory space and more items like clothes, furniture, floors and wall decoration.

What five things would you like to see in HKO in the future? (If you have any dream pets/outfits/places, anything you want to see in HKO in the future, write them here!)

Top of the list is new quests, new towns so hopefully HKO will be a fun place with lots of players again. I would love to see the special seeds added again as they were so much fun to play with, we had so much fun trying to make new combinations and see what we would harvest from them. There are many items ready to be used in-game to decorate our houses and I hope we will get to use them some day, like wallpapers, flooring and (interactive) furniture. I would also like to see more inventory spaces as the available slots we have now is just not enough. Lastly I would like to see something to let the players interact even more so the community will be more involved in the game and the social part of it.

It must be hard looking for the GMs, how did you manage it?

The regular GM’s were not very hard to find as I am online enough to see them all. Lucky the special and unique GM’s announced themselves when they went online and gave us some hints to help us find them. My friends and I would help each other out a bit by sending a pm when we found a GM. I didn’t manage to find all GM’s, as some kept going online when I was sleeping but I got hold of most of them.

Who is your favorite GM so far?

I like all GM’s a lot, each for their own reason and it’s very hard to pick a favorite. I love having chats with them when they have the time for it, and I’m very sad when one of them leaves. GM-Chamomile is always in for a joke, GM-Galatea is a sweet friend, of all the GM’s they are most dear to me.

Anything else you would like to say? A message to our players, your friends, anything!

I just hope HKO will be the game it was in open beta….with a big community of players helping each other, having fun and keeping the game alive.

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