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This spring, powerful tornadoes and floods have wrought disaster across the southern USA, destroying the homes and livelihoods of thousands of residents across Alabama, Georgia, Missouri, Mississippi, Arkansas, Virginia and Tennessee. The region now faces floods that could rival the devastating Great Mississippi Flood of 1927, which was the most destructive flood event in the history of the country. Please take a moment and consider donating to the aid organization of your choice. The following is a resource that lists legitimate charities providing disaster relief for this crisis:


Tornado & Flood Recovery: How You Can Help


Thank you for your help and consideration. If we all give a little bit, we can make a difference to the people affected by this disaster.




The Hello Kitty Online Team

Hello everyone!
Congratulations to the winners of the “Draw Your Dream Pet” HKO event:


  1. Jeii
  2. 5ana
  3. Meyzinha
  4. Piquina_desu
  5. L0K0
  6. Kirei
  7. Seika
  8. -Akane-
  9. Trompina_chan
  10. Jennie_Love
  11. Tweetums
  12. _Alice_
  13. Lynessa
  14. Wassabi


Thank you very much to all that participated, and congratulations to all our budding artists! We hope to see you again in the next event!

See you in-game!

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