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The HKO Japan Earthquake Aid charity event is over and the results are in! Thanks to your hard work, HKO and Sanrio Digital will donate USD 1,445 to Save the Children’s cause in Japan. The results and receipt will be uploaded on the HKO Japan Earthquake Aid page after payment is processed.


Although you the players generated hundreds of thousands of items for charity, we felt that the number of submissions was somewhat lower than what we were expecting. We understand that some players may have had difficulty obtaining some of the items while other players felt there wasn’t enough notice about this special charity event.


Fear not! To give everyone an opportunity to help the people affected by this tragic earthquake, we will hold another charity event for Japan.  Keep your eyes peeled in the next couple of days!


Thank you for your efforts and see you in-game!




The Hello Kitty Online Team


7 Responses to “HKO Japan Earthquake Aid Results”

  1. Thank you for all your amazing work!!

  2. $1445 is still a lot of money and it will help buy food and water and supplies that they need. I love these charity events. I’m glad we can do these events to help children around the world.

  3. Thanks for holding these events. I participated in the first one and look forward to the second :)

  4. Im glad that there will be a second event. When will the event begin?

  5. I am looking forward to the next event, eventho i am new here

  6. did you know that they have had another one.

  7. This does not seem much compared to Britney Spears’ donation ($64,000,000), but its still enough to help with one portion of the damage. Or at least get people back on their feet and ready to fly! Lol, well maybe not that far, but this is a great amount of money that was donated. :D

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