The SanrioTown forums will be replaced by a new and improved service on February 24, 2011. The new forums are powered by vBulletin, one of the industry standards. The new system is not compatible with the current message boards and therefore we cannot migrate threads from the old forums to the new system. The old forums will be available for 2 weeks and then deleted.

The only way to preserve old forum posts is to manually copy them to the new forums. Or to the HKO wiki, if applicable.

We ask forum users and HKO players to identify existing posts/threads that they would like to preserve. If you want to preserve material from the old forums, you can do any of the following:

1. Make a post over in the content migration thread. We will attempt to copy and paste appropriate threads/posts into the new forums. When you identify a thread/post, please do the following:

  • include a link to the post OR thread
  • specify whether it is a post or the whole thread that is useful
  • justify why it is useful

2. You can also take the initiative and manually transfer posts yourself to the new forums. You will have to copy and paste the contents into the new forums message edit window. Please include the name of the original poster if you are copying someone else’s material.

3. If applicable, you can transfer relevant information to the HKO Wiki instead of the forums. To obtain permission to modify the HKO Wiki, please see this post.
How to choose posts that should be preserved:

  • useful information
  • productive discussions
  • interesting ideas
  • creative work

Priority will be given to guides, stickies, GM announcements and guild threads.

Just remember: the current forums will be gone completely on March 3, 2011. Any posts to be transferred must be identified and copied before then. Thanks for your help and see you in-game!

The Hello Kitty Online Team

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