Celebrate Valentine’s Day with HKO’s special event: The Cupid Adventure! Earn your wings February 10-17, 2011!

Assist the Assistants!

Cupid needs your help! The messenger of love has outsourced his job to some bouncy mouse assistants, but they are too tired to finish all the Valentine delivery jobs (understandable, since Cupid can fly and mice can’t). Talk to Hello Kitty in Sanrio Harbor to participate in this special event.

My Valentine Friends

30 new Valentine Friends can be found around Florapolis. Deliver Cupid’s messages of love by zapping the Friends with the appropriate Valentine Wand before time runs out, and you will reap the rewards of being friendly!

Magnificent Wings!

Ever wanted to have wings? Help Cupid in HKO’s The Cupid Adventure special event and you can earn your very own glorious and magnificent wings! Even better, you can collect dyes to change their colour to match your outfit! Trade dyes with your friends to get the right colour for you!


Who knows what fun surprises await Valentine’s Day adventurers? There’s only one way to find out!

Quest for Charity!

Every time you complete a quest that is part of The Cupid Adventure special event, you are donating to charity! Below is a list of the event quests - do them all to customize your wings and donate to a good cause:

  • Cupid’s Love
  • More Cupid’s Love
  • Whole Lotta Cupid Love
  • Infinite Love (repeatable quest - each repeat counts for charity!)

Charity Details

A severe drought in the Horn of Africa is threatening millions of lives in Somalia, many of them children. With food sources scarce and inflation shooting up food prices as high as 80%, the average family there wages a constant battle against malnutrition. Although the situation is urgent right now, if the drought persists until April this problem will degenerate into a catastrophe to rival the devastation Somalia experienced in the early 1990s.

Sanrio Digital will donate to the Save the Children Somalia fund. The donation will be determined by participation in The Cupid Adventure special Valentine’s Day event - the more you play, the more we donate.

To donate directly yourself, go to the dedicated Save the Children payment page here.

On February 11, 2011 EST, come join the fun in Hello Kitty Online’s The Cupid Adventure! Don’t miss it! Hello Kitty Online is completely free to play – click here to try it now!

See you in-game! The Hello Kitty Online Team

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