Dear players.

The hosting provider for the HKO Item Mall is experiencing
difficulties and as a result the Item mall is currently unavailable.
We are working with the provider to resolve this issue as quickly as

We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your
understanding. See you in the game!

The Hello Kitty Online Team

3 Responses to “Item Mall temporarily unavailable”

  1. Just curious, everytime there is a news announcement on the HKO splash screen, the icon next to it always shows Kitty, Daniel, Batz, Melody, or someone else sitting at a news microphone (as if they are delivering the announcements), but NEVER do we see Chococat, even though Chococat’s official description at Sanrio’s website says this -

    “…he’s always up on the latest news (thanks to his ultra-sensitive ‘antenna’ whiskers!).”

    Chococat just never gets the credit he deserves…

  2. I hope that the Item mall gets the Train Tickets working again. I would like to buy one really soon , and as of 10:00 pm EST on FEb 10th -still cant buy a train ticket. Hope they hurry up and come back–soooon ! ;)

  3. I cannot access the item mall, but I think it is my computer, what is wrong?

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