HKO’s Mysteries of New York content update is now live! We have completed updating HKO and the International, US & Canada servers are back online!  Get ready to unravel the secrets that surround New York!

Click on this link to see the list of changes.

See you in-game!

The Hello Kitty Online Team

10 Responses to “UPDATE: January 24 Maintenance Completed”

  1. It’s already down on my end. :(

  2. well, i am trying to get onto the INternationals server at 655pm, EST on 1/24/11, which matches server time-and I cant get a server connection. Also the forums seem to be running very very slow to come up as well. (surfing to other sites seems fine, including hko official site-just not to the forums portion) . ~

  3. on the plus side -maybe that means that they will be done adding the new content and open it up earlier than 1130pm. *looks hopeful* ~serenitycat

  4. when is back in China ?

  5. I was trying to log on and it said version incorect. Is there some new thing we have to download?

  6. Said version incorrect when trying to log on. Where is the new download?

  7. Version incorrect for me too. I’m going to check the forums on sanriotown, but in case I can’t find anything..can anyone help?

  8. Don’t worry, we’re all getting the same Error, it means the new Patch isn’t ready yet.

  9. yeah same error for me too it said version incorrect, why does appear that?

  10. Wow the update is so slow now! It never was slow but till now it is. Hopefuly it will work now

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