babycortexAttention iPhone/iPad Users! Until December 22, 2010, earn up to 720 HKO game points every time you buy a Baby Cortex iPhone/iPad app from iTunes! This is an amazing source of cash points, so don’t miss out!

Earn Sanrio Cash Points and Sanrio Loyalty Points every time you show proof of purchase of iPhone or iPad apps by Baby Cortex! Every time you buy a Baby Cortex app you will receive a proof of purchase email from iTunes. Forward that email to and include your SanrioTown account name so we can add your points.

App Price   Your Reward

US$ 1.99     280 SCP + 540 SLP

US$ 2.99     420 SCP + 810 SLP

US$ 3.99     560 SCP + 1080 SLP

Baby Cortex has been climbing the charts with its unique offering of iPhone and iPad edutainment apps for children. Ranked in various iTunes Top 10 lists around the world, Baby Cortex products are fun, colourful, and designed to entertain children while stimulating their learning abilities. Check out Alphabet Car HD, Baby Painter HD, Baby Piano HD and many more Baby Cortex apps by clicking here or searching “Baby Cortex” in your iPhone/iPad.

There is no limit to the number of loyalty points you can earn. This offer applies to any app in the Baby Cortex product line (other apps do not apply). Offer expires December 22, 2010 (UTC).

10 Responses to “Loyalty Points for Free!”

  1. When I send mail to the address listed, it bounces with an error.

  2. this e-mail returns …:(

  3. It works for me, maybe try again?

  4. hello

  5. i like hello kitty

  6. i like my daddy

  7. Whats the connection? (chloe)

  8. Hello kitty is awesome and I love hello kitty!!! Oh and hi also why would I want to play a baby game????? I am not even a baby!!!!!!

  9. It’s 8:52am where I am not 5:17 am

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