Hi everyone! We are aware of a few issues relating to the Hello Kitty’s Birthday Cheer special charity event and are working on a hotfix to address them as soon as possible. This is a list of known issues and (where applicable) workarounds.

Password error when accessing the Item Mall
Players whose passwords have special (non-alphanumeric) characters may encounter a “password error” system message upon loading the Item Mall. If you encounter this error, please change your password to one without special characters to avoid the problem.

To change your password, log into SanrioTown.com using your HKO account information, go to the email Inbox page, and then the Options page. To ensure you can access the Item Mall, your new password should contain only numbers and letters.

We are looking into player reports about other Item Mall issues.

Farm Supply Merchant quest chain
This quest chain is part of a future update and cannot be completed at present. If you have accepted the quest “Apprentice Artist” from the Farm Supply Merchant, please cancel it from your quest log. These quests will be removed in the upcoming hotfix.

The upcoming hotfix will include some tweaks to game balance for the event Hello Kitty’s Birthday Cheer.

There are currently some issues with Hello Kitty’s leaderboard and how they display the top scores. We are addressing these issues in the upcoming hotfix, in the meanwhile we want to assure players that all scores are tracked in the HKO database (your score will be counted accurately).

For any bugs related to our October 28 patch, please email us at help@hellokittyonline.com. Thank you for your understanding, and enjoy Hello Kitty’s Birthday Cheer!

The Hello Kitty Online Team

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