If you participated in Chocolate Harbour Rescue, we are giving you 300 Loyalty Points!

Thanks to HKO players’ efforts in Chocolate Harbour Rescue and Full Throttle on the Chocolate, Sanrio Digital is donating US $5,972.94 each to UNICEF and Oceana. We want to emphasize that these chocolate events were not intended to be a competition among players, but rather a cooperative opportunity. This is why there was a guild contest (cooperative) but no rewards that individual players could compete for.

However, to thank you all for making this chocolate mayhem a success, we are awarding all participants who got a taste of cocoa craziness with 300 Loyalty Points (LPs). This is in addition to the competition prizes – so if your guild placed 10th in the competition, you will have earned 500 + 300 LPs in total from this event. If your guild did not win a prize, you still get 300 LPs! The points will be awarded on October 15, 2010.

Furthermore, we are working on a system that makes your individual contributions relevant regardless of whether you or your guild won a prize. This is ongoing work and we will discuss it more closer to completion of this new feature, but we wanted you to know that we appreciate all your efforts in-game!

Thanks again for participating in Chocolate Harbour Rescue! See you in-game!

The Hello Kitty Online Team

11 Responses to “Loyalty Points for all participants in Chocolate Harbour Rescue”

  1. This is great news =D Thank you very much!!! =D

  2. Hi,
    I participated in the event but I did not turn my Chocolate bits into Pochoco - Will I still receive the 300 points??

  3. I believe they meant “anyone who participated” not “everyone who completed the quest”. :)

  4. This is certainly a great great news, many hoping for. It proves that HKO belongs to our heart - reading through our desires, accomodating our wishes and working hard to keep us happy too ^^

    My heartless thanks to all team members of HKO who put this remarkable event to its best form whilst educate all on evironmental issues such as polution & global warming.

    Keep it up!

  5. Great work everyone! And thank you Sanrio Digital! You guys are always so wonderful and generous

  6. It was a nice event! I hope more events! This one was very special mainly because we are helping other people that really needs help.

    I love HKO and I love Sanrio Digital’ sweet heart.

    I’ll be waiting for playing a lot and a lot more!

    Jenn from Argentina

  7. Thanks.

  8. Hehe

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  10. hi

  11. is anybdy here at all

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