We found and corrected a problem in an authentication server which prevented US & Canada players from logging into HKO during the weekend. There is no need to re-install or re-download HKO – all players should be able to enter the game with their existing game client.

We will continue to monitor the servers closely. If you experience any difficulties, please email help@hellokittyonline.com with information about the problem. We are sorry for the inconvenience this has caused and we look forward to seeing you in-game!

The Hello Kitty Online Team

5 Responses to “Login problems fixed”

  1. It wasn’t just the us/canada servers. A lot of my guild, evil genius, wasnt able to sign on. a lot of those players live in malasia and singapore. we lost almost two whole days of competition because a large part of our guild wasnt able to participate. will we even get a chance to catch up?

  2. Sorry to inform the problem wasn’t fixed at all. I’m still unable to login, just like a bunch of people. The only thing I saw being done was the topic where people were talking about it being locked. >.>

  3. Same here..

    My game client seems even worse than before. An update has downloaded which displays a string of errors in my patcher before showing the announcements.

    I cannot login at all now, even after downloading 3 different versions of the game. (HKO Premium Edition CD, SEA, Euro)

    This is very frustrating and many people are seeking compensation for the time lost and money they have sunk into this game. I just want to play again. =[

  4. I never had an issue with logging in until today after you posted this saying that the problem was fixed. So, before I didn’t have the problem, and now that it is announced “fixed” I now have that problem. So whatever you guys did, I daresay it didn’t work, or maybe swapped who can login. When I tried it would tell me that I was disconnected from the server (though never allowed me to connect to the server in the first place).

    Hope you guys get everything sorted out :)

  5. A lot of my guild, evil genius, can’t sign on still!!!!!!!!!

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