• June 2010
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Last week, Hello Kitty Online was in the spotlight at Massively! “Rise and Shiny” columnist Beau Hindman gave the game pretty high marks!  He said:

“Although I knew what to expect when I logged in, I was pleasantly surprised at how it all flowed together. While the animations were primitive, there was a consistency to it all; a flow that made it feel more together than quite a few “adult” games I have played.”  He added: “Even with that title, it does more to satisfy my love for open character development than many of the major players.”

The game isn’t short of praise from Massively’s readers too.  User Branclem noted:

“Polish, polish, polish - that always seems to be where my mind is at when I’m taking and writing up my notes. Unlike the last 2 weeks, this is a game that has it. The production qualities are high, nothing seemed buggy or broken, and everything just feels like it flows together rather smoothly. There are little flash-style minigames that come up during some quests, and they are fully animated and even have some voiceovers, providing a fun distraction from the main gameplay.”