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Get ready to test your skills! March 29, 2010 marks the official launch of the SanrioTown Game Center in Hello Kitty Online, and to celebrate HKO will host a massive week-long minigame competition! Not only will you be able to earn Loyalty Points by playing 30 addictive arcade games in HKO, but you could also win cash-only items from the Item Mall!

HKO Arcade Superstars

Do you have what it takes to be an Arcade Superstar? Read on to find out more!

Event Mechanics

The event will run for 7 days starting March 29, 2010 until the end of April 4, 2010 in North America, Europe, Indonesia, Singapore and Malaysia. There are 30 minigames to play. You win by achieving one of the top 3 high scores in any one minigame. You can only win at one game. If you have winning scores in more than one game, only your highest achievement will be counted.

All top scores for all games will be reset on March 29, when the contest begins. To compete in HKO Arcade Superstars, simply talk to the Minigame Manager NPC in Sanrio Harbour, Florapolis, London, Paris or Beijing to start playing a game and try to get a high score. Other players will be trying to beat your score, so make sure to defend your standing throughout the event!


At the end of the event, the players with the 3 highest scores for each of the 30 games will be declared the winners. Each player can only win once. If a player wins in more than one minigame, the player next in line will be declared the winner instead.

Our Arcade Superstars winners will be announced after the event period, and will win these great prizes:

1st Place Sunbright Express Diamond Ticket
(Unlimited use of the Sunbright Express train for 30 days)
2nd Place Sunbright Express Gold Ticket
(Unlimited use of the Sunbright Express train for 12 days)
3rd Place Pet Nanny
(Automatically takes care of your pet for you)

Remember the above applies to each minigame (there are 30 minigames), and whether you win or not, playing the new minigames still lets you earn Loyalty Points to spend in the HKO Item Mall. We hope you enjoy the event and the new games. Good luck in HKO Arcade Superstars!

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