• March 2010
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Hi everyone! It’s time for another update on the development of Hello Kitty Online. In our last developer diary we talked about some of the new features and content we are working on. This time, we would like to address specific concerns raised by players, and also to offer another sneak peek of what’s to come. We would like to thank players who have taken the time to send us their opinions!

To start, here are a few improvements based on the player feedback we’ve received.

  • ● The targeting system has been modified. Pressing the Tab key will highlight the nearest monster through a star-shaped indicator. Once the monster is highlighted, you can left click the monster to select it, and then right click on it to engage.
  • ● We have fixed the annoying bug that caused your character to stop walking if you move your mouse pointer over a monster.
  • ● Level 4 and 8 farms will be