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Hi everyone! It’s time for another update on the development of Hello Kitty Online. In our last developer diary we talked about some of the new features and content we are working on. This time, we would like to address specific concerns raised by players, and also to offer another sneak peek of what’s to come. We would like to thank players who have taken the time to send us their opinions!

To start, here are a few improvements based on the player feedback we’ve received.

  • ● The targeting system has been modified. Pressing the Tab key will highlight the nearest monster through a star-shaped indicator. Once the monster is highlighted, you can left click the monster to select it, and then right click on it to engage.
  • ● We have fixed the annoying bug that caused your character to stop walking if you move your mouse pointer over a monster.
  • ● Level 4 and 8 farms will be available for purchase using Sanrio Loyalty Points across all servers. Loyalty Points can be earned simply by using SanrioTown’s free services such as email, blogs, and Dream Studio videos, which are also available in the game.
  • The SanrioTown Game Center will be integrated into HKO and will allow players to earn Loyalty Points more easily – simply play your favorite mini-games and earn points without leaving HKO! A full list of services that generate Loyalty Points can be viewed here.

Here are some future plans relevant to the issues raised:

  • ● Certain items will be rebalanced, so that stats and visuals will be relative to the item’s level and how it was acquired.
  • ● We are looking into improving the User Interface by replacing numbers with more visual indicators.
  • ● Special drops such as crafting guides and emoticons will be added into the game through a unique system that is in the pipeline. More details on that as we move closer to release.
  • ● As previously announced, the Guild system will be undergoing a full revamp, scheduled for this summer. The Friends List will soon follow.
  • ● We realize that the game client size and download time can be an issue for new players, so we are addressing this as well in April. Keep your eyes peeled for news about our new improved client!
  • ● Game content will be expanded with the addition of Tokyo and surroundings, targeted for release this summer. We will be showing you sneak previews of the new zone in the weeks to come.
  • ● Meanwhile, the special event Hello Kitty Online Arcade Superstars is just about to be announced, we hope to see you there!

The team has discussed some other concerns raised by players, and we would like to briefly address them as well.

The crafting system is designed to encourage players to use or trade the items they make, instead of making a profit by selling them back to the NPC. This is working as intended. However, we will be adding unique crafting guides that require special materials and that produce items that will give players higher returns when sold to merchants. We are also looking into other improvements to the crafting system.

Drop rates
Resource drop rates are designed to diversify gameplay and the completion of quests, but we are looking into the earlier quests and evaluating the cases in which drop rates can be improved.

Pet cards are very rare and special drops by design. Aside from pet cards currently in the Item Mall, we will be working on providing other means for players to obtain pets, however keep in mind that finding a pet card is meant to be a very rare and lucky occurrence.

As always, we are also looking into a variety of other issues and we will keep you posted.

To all those who have shared their thoughts, we appreciate your dedication to the improvement of the game. We are always happy to receive your feedback and we value your input. If you should have any more comments about the game in general, feel free to contact us at onlinegame@hellokitty.com. We would love to hear from you as we work on making HKO as enjoyable as possible for everyone.

The Hello Kitty Online team

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