Hi everyone, it’s me again, Abby, writing on behalf of the Hello Kitty Online development team for our Developer Diary. I have a few updates and news to share with you.

Monster Stats/Difficulty

We’re working carefully on adjusting game difficulty in Hello Kitty Online, and I’d like to explain some changes we have already made to balance monster difficulty and rewards. First, we have improved the stat bonuses on quest reward items in Sanrio Harbour. Secondly, merchant NPCs in all major cities except Sanrio Harbour now offer more powerful items for sale. These improved quest rewards and merchant items should make it easier to face monsters in the wilderness of Sanrio Land.

Also, we’ve started working on some substantial adjustments to the stats themselves that will make things easier for everyone. It’ll take some time, but we’ll keep you updated on our progress!

Hello Kitty’s 35th Birthday

We’d also like to take this time to thank you all for celebrating Hello Kitty’s 35th Birthday with us. We were thrilled to receive your feedback, and we’re glad that you all enjoyed the event! We can’t wait to see you in our next celebration, which is…

The HKO In-game Christmas Event

You can feel it in the air — the holidays are just around the corner! We’re working on another special event for our players across all regions. We know you’re expecting it, and we don’t intend to let you down! Get your holiday spirit ready for:

  • Two special new quest chains featuring our very own Santa and a quirky new character who’s about to cause some big trouble
  • The Emote Game will be back
  • More cute holiday-themed items for you to collect
  • A final event similar to the 35th Birthday party, with a surprise twist!

That’s all for this update, tune in next time! If you like receiving updates via RSS feed readers, you can click here to subscribe to the HKO Developer Diary through Feedburner. I’ll be back soon with more Hello Kitty Online development news, so do check back often!

18 Responses to “Update on monster stats and holiday events”

  1. Thanks for the update. Sometimes all we want is a simple communication :) I know I’m not the only one who appreciates this, and now I can’t wait for Christmas!

  2. Thanks 4 the updated, I hope “Kuromi” will be the one causing trouble. I’m already subscribed to the Yahoo RSS feed, thanks 4 also allowing that.

  3. Yay! Thanks for updating Abby. We all appreciate you letting us know what exactly is going on so we don’t go too crazy! Lol. So excited for the Christmas event!! Can’t wait to collect everything!

  4. yay, xmas reunion! :D

    i hope they will update the xmas event earlier, i won’t be able to play anything after 15 dec :(

    *senses another giant pinata party!* ^_^

    more tokens collecting? lol :P

  5. Awesome! I am so relieved! I’m so excited about the Christmas events! I can’t wait!

  6. Yay, I can’t wait to participate in my first XMAS HKO event! :D
    I’m also glad the difficulty level is being taken into consideration. :) Thanks!

  7. yay.. I’m so glad the emote game and Bingo iz coming back!

  8. New events are great, but are we going to see some headway on some of the bigger issues like targeting? A really simple solution to this would be to simply reactivate the “T” on the keyboard for targeting the closest mob. It’s not as if people will be able to abuse it now with the mob stats being so ridiculously off the charts. I for one am truly sick of not being able to hit mobs that are attacking me from behind objects on the screen - not to mention how many times my “hits” do not register on mobs that are attacking me in plain sight. Please, some momentum in that direction, I believe, would be far more appreciated than any new events or features.

  9. Hey Abby, any chance u guys can bring back stats improving on the character itself when lvling? At the moment all our stats are dependent on items we wear and I don’t like it :(

  10. Thanks for the news and updates GM abby!
    I have to add ditto to Capt and Starrfire.
    I am seriously considering giving up playing for awhile-
    i am so sick to death of dying (no pun intended -as i am really very serious) -being sent back to town -taking multiple hours , and multiple healing foods to try to get spore wood, ant wood, and worry worm powders to make tools. SO basically multiple hours of my time now spent with very little to show for it. I am very dis-couraged. i dont enjoy events as much when i have POD to go back to. signed disappointed and discouraged serenitycat

  11. Bingo game is back, that’s great! I love this game ;)

  12. hi abby-
    happy new year-
    hope to hear more from u in this dev diary soon!

  13. So… How about an update?

  14. So… is the Developer’s Diary a dead topic? Abby, are you going to give us some more info? Can we EVER expect to see some of the issues we petitioned you guys with addressed, or are you guys basically just scrapping this game except for the occasional cookie you throw to us in the form of a Holiday Event??? It’s starting to feel really cold out here….

  15. hello,i’m a big fan and i love hello kitty

  16. have a nice day!

  17. good articles

  18. nice articles

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