released today an exclusive interview with two members of the Hello Kitty Online team.  Game Designer Abby Reyes and VP of Business Development and Publishing Robert Ferrari offered some updates regarding the latest news in HKO as well as an exciting peek of what’s to come!

Click here to read the interview at

HKO Splash

We have a lot in store for you as the year winds up.  Stay tuned for more news and updates!

Hello Kitty Online has gone live on the Philippines!  Level Up!, one of the country’s leading publisher of online games opened their servers yesterday, November 11 at 15:00 (3pm) GMT +8 to throngs of excited Hello Kitty fans.

HKO Logo

Players quickly rushed into the game and started their adventures in Hello Kitty Online.

Now that the game has been commercially launched in the Philippines, there will be no more character wipes and everything you earn there will be for keeps!  What are you waiting for?  Sign up now and enjoy the only MMORPG made for Sanrio fans!

For more information about Hello Kitty Online in the Philippines, visit the Official Hello Kitty Online Philippines site.

Hi everyone, it’s me again, Abby, writing on behalf of the Hello Kitty Online development team for our Developer Diary. I have a few updates and news to share with you.

Monster Stats/Difficulty

We’re working carefully on adjusting game difficulty in Hello Kitty Online, and I’d like to explain some changes we have already made to balance monster difficulty and rewards. First, we have improved the stat bonuses on quest reward items in Sanrio Harbour. Secondly, merchant NPCs in all major cities except Sanrio Harbour now offer more powerful items for sale. These improved quest rewards and merchant items should make it easier to face monsters in the wilderness of Sanrio Land.

Also, we’ve started working on some substantial adjustments to the stats themselves that will make things easier for everyone. It’ll take some time, but we’ll keep you updated on our progress!

Hello Kitty’s 35th Birthday

We’d also like to take this time to thank you all for celebrating Hello Kitty’s 35th Birthday with us. We were thrilled to receive your feedback, and we’re glad that you all enjoyed the event! We can’t wait to see you in our next celebration, which is…

The HKO In-game Christmas Event

You can feel it in the air — the holidays are just around the corner! We’re working on another special event for our players across all regions. We know you’re expecting it, and we don’t intend to let you down! Get your holiday spirit ready for:

  • Two special new quest chains featuring our very own Santa and a quirky new character who’s about to cause some big trouble
  • The Emote Game will be back
  • More cute holiday-themed items for you to collect
  • A final event similar to the 35th Birthday party, with a surprise twist!

That’s all for this update, tune in next time! If you like receiving updates via RSS feed readers, you can click here to subscribe to the HKO Developer Diary through Feedburner. I’ll be back soon with more Hello Kitty Online development news, so do check back often!

If you can’t get enough of the minigames on Hello Kitty Online, here’s a game that’s just right for you!  “Jungle Jumper” is the latest addition to the arsenal of flash games that you can play right here on SanrioTown.

Jungle Jumper

Poor Treedrop  got lost in the jungle!  Help Treedrop find his way back home. Use your mouse to jump and grab the grapes to get a whopping 10,000 points each!

Jungle Jumper

You can play this and other fun games by logging in to SanrioTown. Don’t have one yet? Click here to register and get your free account now!

Blogging about your adventures in Hello Kitty Online is one of the many fun activities you can do in the game.  Did you know that you can post images of your farm and house directly into your SanrioTown blog?  Here’s how:

Enter your farm or your house.

HKO Farm

Once you are inside your farm or house, open the mini-blog editor by pressing the “F9″ key on your keyboard.

HKO Mini-Blog Editor

Fill out the fields. After you are finished editing your blog post, click on the green check mark button.

Voila! You have now successfully posted a picture of your farm or house into your blog!

HKO Mini Blog Post

Go ahead!  Share your adventures in Hello Kitty Online with your family and friends through the SanrioTown blogs!

HKO Malaysia and Singapore is holding a special event for new players that log in on Wednesday, November 4, between 10pm to 12am GMT+8.

More fun awaits you at HKO Malaysia and Singapore

Newcomers that log in during that time period will enjoy some fun-filled GM events and win free items! This is a great opportunity for those who are just starting out in HKO, not only because of the freebies they can get, but it will also serve as a chance for them to meet their fellow players and the friendly neighborhood GMs.

This event is open to all new players of HKO Singapore and Malaysia.

How do you start your grand HKO adventure, you ask? Simple: take the first step by downloading it now at Download HKO now!

See you in-game!

This is definitely the biggest party to hit Hello Kitty Online to date!  Hundreds of players around the world flocked to London to celebrate Hello Kitty’s 35th birthday in Hello Kitty Online.  It was definitely one for the books!

The party crowd

The festivities started with several games lead by the Game Masters. Players then participated in a massive treasure hunt that took them to specific points in London. Everyone joined in and it was an awesome spectacle to see:

Treasure Hunt

Soon the clues brought them to a special treat: A giant Piñata!

Giant Pinata

The players rushed in to break it, and as soon as it cracked, they all received very special treats!  Hello Kitty was also there to join the fun!

Hello Kitty's party!

Check out our Facebook and Myspace pages for more pictures from the party.

Finally, we’d like to thank everyone who became a part of this event.  You’re presence has made it truly special and it wouldn’t have been this much fun without you!

The parties and events are only going to get better, so check back often for the latest news and updates!

Our beloved Hello Kitty is celebrating her 35th Birthday today, and things are getting busy in preparation for tonight’s big event in Hello Kitty Online! Get a chance to see our celebrant walk the streets of London in our big birthday bash, and be sure to get your party clothes on!

Happy Birthday Hello Kitty!

Let’s all get together to greet Hello Kitty a very happy birthday! It’s going to be one very memorable party you don’t want to miss, so see you in the game!

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