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It’s time to reward the hard work and achievements of our loyal beta testers!  Several events were held during the Sanrio Digital beta runs.  The winners of these Beta events are eligible for rewards in Hello Kitty Online’s North American version, available at http://hko.aeriagames.com.

Event rewards: Designer Depot

  • Customized guild shirts
  • Customized guild hats
  • Note: each guild must submit their design as described here.

At the end of the Founders’ Christmas Reunion, guilds rushed to collect the resources needed to make their own customized guild shirts and hats.  Now it’s time to submit your guild designs!  For more details, check out the mechanics in the HKO Event Blog.

Event rewards: My House

  • In-game cash
  • Exclusive crafting guides to produce unique avatar items.

During the global Closed Beta, the ultimate achievement was to build a house.  Players were asked to submit screenshots showing their avatars standing inside their farms and in front of their houses.  200 players accomplished this and will receive in-game money and crafting guides for unique items. For more information, see the mechanics on the official News Blog.

Event rewards: Lucky Seven

  • In-game cash
  • Exclusive crafting guides to produce unique avatar items.

Another achievement during the global Closed Beta was obtaining a pet.  Players were asked to take screenshots with 6 other players, each of them showing 1 pet for a total of 7 pets in the picture.  The 126 players who accomplished this challenge will receive in-game money and unique crafting guides. For more information on the Lucky Seven event, please see the Mechanics on the official Event Blog.

All rewards are valid exclusively for the North American release of Hello Kitty Online.  A confirmation email will be sent to the SanrioTown emails the winners used to login to Hello Kitty Online during the events.  We will be announcing the dates when the rewards can be claimed, so check back often!

Visit the Aeria Games website or more information regarding Hello Kitty Online in North America.

Once again, Hello Kitty Online sends out big thanks to all the players that have participated in the Beta programs!

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