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The wait is almost over for our players and fans from North America! Aeria Games, the exclusive publisher of Hello Kitty Online in North America, is now accepting registrations for their upcoming Closed Beta! Visit the official website for HKO North America to sign up for this highly-anticipated launch.

Join the HKO Closed Beta in North America!

Stay tuned for more news on the North American Closed Beta here and through their website. You can also follow Aeria Games on Twitter for real-time updates. See you there!

11 Responses to “Register for Hello Kitty Online in North America!”

  1. Woohoo! I almost have it in my country, that’s great. I will follow you on twitter!

  2. Hmm.. if you’re a Founder, do you need to sign up? :o

  3. If we’re original CB’ers, do/did we need to sign up? DX
    And I spy GM Bacon.
    Bacon sounds good nowwwww. D:

  4. Yaay, I miss my fellow Closed Beta founders and GMs. Hope we can use our existing signups.

  5. When do we get to download the NA game? Theres no links to it on the hko page..

  6. Woow, where can i download it?

  7. i just registered, can’t wait! hope it’s here soon.

  8. Awesome! But where to we download it exactly…?

  9. Cool! So when will it start?

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  11. I like this game!

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