They are cute, cuddly, a handful at times and energetic. Your pets will accompany you throughout your travels and quests.  Aside from being good company, they can help you by providing bonuses such as added defense, stamina, health, inventory space and much more!

HKO Pets

In the upcoming release of HKO, everyone will be getting more choices into what kind of pet they want to keep.  Each creature in Sanrio Land now drops pet cards allowing users to tame any creature in the game.

In addition to pets that you can get from Sanrio Land’s wildlife, you can now combine certain pets to form hybrid pets.  These hybrids provide much higher boosts and gives you more benefits than what a normal pet can give.

Pet Breeding

That’s about it for this week. There’s more to come so see you around!

They’re onto us! The clever folks at Massively have put the puzzle pieces together, and uncovered our plans of world domination! And yes, it’s true: Hello Kitty Online is working on conquering Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines, Brazil, Europe, and North America. And, soon, the rest of the world!

Hello Kitty Online on Massively

There’s no hiding it now, so we invite you to get the scoop from the Massively article, a true example of peerless investigative journalism. It was only a matter of time before our secret was revealed, but it’s too late to stop us now! Onward, Hello Kitty Online!

Hello Kitty Online is on today’s edition of My Paper, a popular cosmopolitan newspaper in Singapore.  The article features an interview of one of our SanrioTown users, Starfirre7.

HKO and Starfire7 in My Paper

“I’m very excited to see the game played here! It’ll be a dream come true for fans” Starrfire7 said.  She added: “The best thing about the game is that you get to interact with Sanrio fans from all over the world.”

The article continues to highlight the positive buzz HKO has been receiving in Singapore.

Click here to view the article in the My Paper site.  The article is on page 6.  Click on the arrow buttons to flip through the pages.  You can zoom into the article by clicking on the magnifying glass icon at the upper right corner of the site.

Hello Kitty Online will be brought to Singapore and Malaysia by Sanrio Digital and Oriented Games.   They will be holding their first beta tests on July of this year.

Hello Kitty Online is covering even more ground, as Sanrio Digital and Oriented Games announce the upcoming Closed Beta launch of the game in Singapore and Malaysia in July 2009! Players from the said regions will soon get to experience the new and improved version of the popular and highly-anticipated MMORPG featuring Hello Kitty and her friends.

HKO will be made available through the game portal, where players from Singapore and Malaysia can register and download the Closed Beta version of the game.  For more information on this upcoming launch, check out the press release at the Sanrio Digital blog.

Some more good news, this time for our friends in Brazil!  In a recent press release, Sanrio Digital and online games publisher GameMaxx announced that they will be bringing Hello Kitty Online to Brazil!

GameMaxx will be managing online publishing, Internet cafe distribution and game service operations for users in Brazil.  A Brazilian edition of SanrioTown will also be coming soon.  For more information regarding this, check out the press release at the Sanrio Digital blog.

Quests and maps aren’t the only new things that you would find when the game comes back.  The next release of Hello Kitty Online will feature hundreds of new items and customization options!

HKO Avatars

From the start, players of the game will find new hair styles, faces and skin tones to choose from when they create their characters.

HKO character creation screen

Once they are in game, they will have hundreds of items to choose from to improve their stats or to customize their avatar’s look.  These items are available through NPC shops, quest rewards or through crafting and some will be available through the item mall.

HKO Item Mall

We’ve got more coming up so keep checking back here often!

We’ve been spending a lot of time reworking many aspects of Hello Kitty Online but we’ve been paying particular attention to the quests.  After many hours of brainstorming and hundreds of lines written, we’ve come up with completely new quests that you’ll be sure to enjoy!

More of your favorite Sanrio characters are now in the game.  These characters will give you quests that are now closely tied to the game’s story.

Little Twin Stars

We’ve also added some new exciting elements to quests.  New kinds of tasks await you.  Go surfing, try your skills in brewing coffee or find your way through a labyrinth to get to safety.

Hello Kitty Online Maze Purin's Cafe

We’re bringing the game to new levels of fun!  It’s still a work in progress, but we will be showing you more of the new stuff soon!

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